EU LCS Super Week Day 3 Recap

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The last of the EU LCS is complete and I've updated the post with all of the need-to-watch VODs! Be sure to check them out as there were some awesome games this morning.
Continue reading for information on schedules, VODs for each match, and more!

( Note: This post will be updated when the matches are over with scores and VODs when available. Be sure to check back in the eSports tab to keep up to date with all the eSports fun! We'll have a separate post for the NA and EU LCS )

Here's a reminder on how exactly this super week will work. This week is a test of the players and how they can perform in long term tournament style play. Each team will play up to 5 games over the course of 3 days. Many rematches from previous weeks will be held and teams that are on the lower end of the standings have their chance to make a comeback of the century!

Do you have questions about the event? Tons of information is located over on the beautiful

*Note: This is also the second week Thresh is allowed for selection!

After last week's matches, the current standings are as follows:

This super week of the NA LCS will feature Gambit Gaming, Dragonborns, SK Gaming, Against All Authority, GIANTS! GamingFnatic, Evil Genuises, and Copenhagen Wolves.

Day one's schedule:

( W ) Gambit Gaming vs. Dragonborns ( L )
11:00am CET

( W ) SK Gaming vs. Against All Authority ( L )
12:00pm CET

 ( L ) GIANTS! Gaming vs. Fnatic ( W ) 
1:00pm CET

( W ) Evil Geniuses vs. Copenhagen Wolves ( L )
2:00pm CET
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 ( L ) GIANTS! Gaming vs. SK Gaming ( W ) 
3:00pm CET

( W ) Fnatic vs. Dragonborns ( L )
4:00pm CET

 ( L ) Evil Geniuses vs. Gambit Gaming ( W ) 
5:00pm CET

( W ) Copenhagen Wolves vs. Against All Authority ( L )
6:00pm CET

After the first day of matches, the standings look like so:

Day Two schedule: 

Fnatic vs. Copenhagen Wolves
5:00pm CET
Evil Geniuses vs. Against All Authority
6:00pm CET
Fnatic vs. Gambit Gaming
7:00pm CET
GIANTS! Gaming vs. Dragonborns
8:00pm CET

SK Gaming vs. Copenhagen Wolves
9:00pm CET

Gambit Gaming vs. Against All Authority
10:00pm CET

Day Three Schedule

Against All Authory vs. Fnatic
5:00pm CET

SK Gaming vs. Gambit Gaming
6:00pm CET

Dragonborns vs. Evil Geniuses
7:00pm CET

Copenhagen Wolves vs. GIANTS! Gaming
8:00pm CET

Dragonborns vs. SK Gaming
9:00pm CET

GIANTS! Gaming vs. Evil Geniuses
10:00pm CET

After this weekend's matches, the standings are as follows:

As always, be sure to check out for more information on teams, matches, and more!

Miss a previous week's juicy LCS action?
Did you enjoy the first super week of the LCS? What are your thoughts? Are you ready for more next week or are you burnt out on league watching!? Let us know below in the comment section.

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