AP Ezreal, Soraka's Passive, and Gladiator Draven - Oh my!

Posted on at 2:58 AM by Moobeat
Care for a collection of red posts to take your mind off the champion teasers and all that sweet PBE content from earlier in the week?
Continue reading for a red post collection covering Morelllo chatting about AP Ezreal,  CertainlyT discussing Soraka's passive, and about Gladiator Draven being the skin released in celebration of the Italian localization of the game. 

Morello on AP Ezreal
This is a response to a length forum debate regarding AP Ezreal's viability where a summoner suggests a multitude things that could be done to "fix" this alternative way to play Ezreal. Morello responds by talking about the off build, some problems it has, and not wanting to sacrifice the balance of traditional AD Ezreal.  
"Let me talk high-level and then to your specific suggestions; 
1) I tend to prefer off-builds that allow similar gameplay with different high- and low-points, or a different pattern altogether. An example of this is, while there's a power problem here, AP and AD Nidalee.

2) Support of off-builds should not sacrifice strong gameplay patterns of primary paths - for example, AP Tryndamere, before nerfs, subverted his entire gameplay pattern to abuse a mechanic. This is not worth supporting an off-build as the costs are higher than the benefits. 
3) We have to primarily think of one thing to balance when tuning. It's more important that there's situations you build different items (such as Bloodthirster vs Infinity Edge vs Last Whisper) than you can build different scaling points.

Now, onto your post. 
I think the Q and R changes are potentially pretty safe. I do think Ezreal is pretty balanced as an ADC right now. My only worry is the potential to remove satisfaction from AD Ezreal by lowering the damage of his two primary damage spells, but these numbers might be OK.
I don't think the Essence Flux change is a good change, but I think you're looking at a general Ezreal problem with a correct diagnosis; without the AS Slow, the skill is lacking in interesting or defining qualities. This, additionally, can hurt AP Ezreal, but overall is something I think is lame for Ezreal in general.

I'd like to see something that defines it, but my critiques here are: it does give an ADC access to a team-wide AS buff (both potentially OP, and potentially terrible based on who's on your team) and it doesn't actually do anything that I think helps AP Ezreal more than it helps Ezreal overall. That might be OK, if that's your goal here, but it's agnostic to AP/AD. 
Overall, I don't have an issue with AP Ezreal, I just think you guys are putting more value on this than it actually provides. You still do the same things, except you do one less thing - auto-attack - and with the low CD of Mystic shot, is it even possible to make that spell feel good on both builds without being absurd on one? I'm not convinced that it is. I think this is more something that's more based in the idea that it makes you feel special (and that's valid in a vacuum) but it doesn't actually do anything real, gameplay-wise. AP Kog'Maw, for example, I think does offer a new pattern because you overly-focus on different skills, but there's still gameplay. Even in that situation it's hard to balance. I guess I understand there's a desire to have AP Ezreal from a core group of die-hard AP Ez fans, I just don't understand why he's the champion people focus on when there's no new gameplay to find within AP Ezreal.

I do feel, though, Essence Flux needs some mechanical help to define and differentiate it from Q and other damage spells generally. I'd like to see some work go into that."
He then responded to the suggestion that Ezreal's W should hit minions and not grant passive stacks.
"Mostly that I think that's just a wave-clear component overall. I guess if it had terrible bases and high ratios it would be AP Ez only, but I think I don't want to give Ezreal more farming ability since his Q and R is so helpful for getting CS. At that point, he lanes like Morgana, which I don't think any of us can speak to being an interesting and dynamic lane opponent."

After more discussion about this particular off build, one summoner remarked "Shouldn't we get some say in what's "desirable" in this game??" to which Morello responded:
"You do get some say, for sure - that's why we get on here! To be honest, though, it's not common people look at the long-term consequences to ideas that seem innocuous at first. We have to make tough decisions a lot, and nothing's without cost to other things - that's the reality in something more akin to an ecosystem."
CertainlyT Talks Soraka's Passive
Here is CertainlyT sharing his thoughts on Soraka's passive.
"The range of Soraka's passive is 1000, not 500. As to specifics about the passive, it is potent and actually scales indirectly -- MR is % damage reduction and teams tend to group up more and more as the game progresses. 16 MR may not seem like a lot, but 16 MRx5 is probably stronger than a number of champion passive, especially when you consider how much random magic damage bruisers, tanks, and other supports (champs that build zero/low spell pen) tend to put out. There's a reason why Runic Bulwark is bar none the most powerful item in our game.

With that out of the way, the passive is lacking in gameplay. Even when playing as Soraka, I seldom appreciate it and definitely cannot feel the difference it makes in a team fight. Contrast with Nami passive -- likely a lower power passive overall -- whose speed boost you and your allies can't help but notice. Soraka players never get to feel cool or clutch, to display skill, for their passive in the way Sona does with her Powerchords or Blitzcrank does with Mana Barrier-enabled baits or dives. I'd rather we give Soraka a new, more engaging passive, rather than buffing the current version."
Whether this means Soraka will eventually get a new passive or not, we don't know. I just thought it was an interesting comment.

Gladiator Draven to celebrate the Italian localization
It turns out that the Gladiator Draven skin is actually the celebratory skin for the upcoming Italian localization of the client. Here is a shoddy google translate version of ChaosMAO's Italian forum post on EUW.
"Dear Summoners, 
You see that Gladiator and defiant villain who sowed terror in the Arenas of Justice? Has just launched its sharp blades against you! Escape while you can! Draven Gladiator is among us! To celebrate the launch of the game in our beloved language, will be available for free via the store of the client in the coming weeks!  
Where you can see a preview of the new look? Clearly in PBE, or in our public server for the beta. The appearance will be released later in the Client which usually we all use. Players will look directly into their accont! For all those who do not have Draaaaaaaaaaven, along with the appearance will be unlocked same Draven! 
Which best specimen could celebrate our history if not a brave and bold gladiator as Draven? 
Summoners and evocative, Welcome to the League of Draaaaaaaaaaven!"
and here is the original Italian.
"Cari Evocatori, 
Lo vedete quel Gladiatore cattivissimo e spavaldo che semina terrore nelle Arene della Giustizia? Ha appena lanciato le sue lame affilate contro di voi! Scappate finchè potete!
Draven Gladiatore è tra noi! Per celebrare il lancio del gioco nella nostra amata lingua, sarà disponibile gratuitamente tramite il negozio del Client nelle prossime settimane! 
Dove potete ammirare il nuovo aspetto in anteprima? Chiaramente dentro PBE, ovvero nel nostro server pubblico per la beta. L’aspetto sarà rilasciato successivamente nel Client che abitualmente tutti noi utilizziamo. I giocatori riceveranno l’aspetto direttamente nel loro accont! Per tutti coloro che non possiedono Draaaaaaaaaaven, insieme all’aspetto sarà sbloccato Draven stesso! 
Quale campione migliore poteva celebrare la nostra storia se non un valoroso e sfrontato gladiatore come Draven? 
Evocatori ed Evocatrici,

Benvenuti in League of Draaaaaaaaaaven!" 


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