3/12 PBE Update: Minor HH Nidalee and Nami Changes.

Posted on at 8:38 PM by Moobeat
A small update has been applied to the PBE, likely polishing off a few things before 3.04 is pushed to live.
Continue reading for a list of changes, including another change to Headhunter Nidalee and a lone balance change for Nami.

( Warning: PBE content is highly tentative and subject to change! Some of this information may have been datamined and could likely be erroneous. )

Another Headhunter Nidalee Change
In addition to all the changes yesterday, Headhunter Nidalee now has a new swirly-glow particle around the end of her spear.

Balance Changes:

Changes to Previous Changes
(Relative to changes previously seen in this PBE cycle)

  • Tidecaller's Blessing ( E ) duration reduced to 6 seconds at all ranks from 8 seconds at all ranks.   (*This is still a buff; the duration is currently 5 seconds on live .)

Here the the previous iterations of this patch cycle, just in case you need to catch up.

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