2 for 1 Rune Page Sale

Posted on at 11:11 AM by Moobeat
The community has been waiting and Hippalus has delivered! Time to enjoy a two for the price of one rune page sale!
"Here at Riot Games we know the value of a good book – especially if that book happens to be loaded with powerful arcane runes. So to help you get the most out of your seals, marks, glyphs, and quintessences, we’re holding a sale on Rune Pages.
Between March 29th and April 5th you’ll receive two rune pages for the price of one on purchases made with either RP or IP.

You’ll find Rune Pages in the Other tab of the League of Legends store, so don’t miss this chance to bolster your book while they’re on sale."

This puts it at 6300 IP for 2 Rune Pages or 590 RP for 2 Rune Pages. Enjoy!

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