Xelnath on Knockback & Knockup changes this patch

Posted on at 12:56 PM by Moobeat
Xelnath, the game systems designer who has been talking a lot about CC recently, has been working on some changes to how knockups and knockbacks  work within the game. While he has made improvements, a few mistakes made their way into this patch and he aims to correct them with a hot fix sometime soon.
Continue reading for the full announcement regarding these changes, some unintended side effects, and additional changes we can expect to be hotfixed in soon.

Here it is:
"Hey guys,

Back in December, I did some work to clean-up all knockups and knockbacks in the game. Knockups should no longer make you forget your move command and are now easier for designers to setup correctly. 
We sent it out for some extensive testing and caught most of the issues, but clearly a couple slipped through. These are my fault, so I apologize and want to fix them.

Here's the ones I know about:
  • Jarvan IV's Q knockup is 0.5 sec instead of 0.75
  • Lulu's R is graphically knocking up too high 
Here's the ones I've heard about, but haven't confirmed:
  • Zyra's R is graphically knocking up too high, but the duration is correct 
In addition, I found a bug on Alistar's Headbutt which caused players to be stunned for a long time if punted into a wall. I fixed it after a short discussion with some members of the design team.

Naturally, it's not cool for a changes like this to happen without getting patch noted, so I've setup a hotfix to do the following:
  • Add 0.25 sec to Jarvan IV's Q knockup
  • Reduce Lulu's R knockup height back to its pre 3.01 value
  • Add a flat 0.5 sec stun back to Alistar's Headbutt
Because it is the weekend and we want to test any changes, the hotfix won't happen right away. However, I wanted to take a moment to publicly acknowledge these changes and ask you guys to look for any other knockup issues you feel have cropped up since this patch.

Thanks for your patience,

Summoners had a few extra questions for him following the announcement.

When asked of knock up / knock backs were affected by tenacity, Xelnath replied:
"Knockups are currently unchanged by tenacity, but I did add support for us to enable Tenacity to work on them in the future.

We debated about this internally and decided to leave it disabled for now. However, we may try it out in the future on PBE with the new loss of control UI or if knockup stacking comps start dominating."

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