The Lunar Revel is upon us!

Posted on at 2:49 PM by Moobeat
The Lunar Revel, Runeterra's parallel to the Lunar New Year, has begun! As with past events, Riot has put up a glorious  Lunar Revel minisite,which includes a thematic look at the wealth of new content this holiday brings with it.
Continue reading for a look at the five fantastic new Lunar Revel champion skins, new ward skins, the return of the gifting center, how to snag the new Summoner icons, and more!

Five New Skins
Perhaps the most exciting Lunar Revel addition is the set of FIVE new skins; Annie, Cass, Corki, Jarvan IV, and Xin Zhao have all suited up for the occasion! Each skin features a slew of new goodies, including particles, animations, and sounds.

Each skin is available for the modest price of 975 RP and IS NOT LIMITED AVAILABILITY!

The skins are now available for purchase and, since I know you want to peep these fantastic skins before you go dropping some RP bombs, here are previews of each and everyone!

Panda Annie

Jade Fang Cassiopeia

Dragonwing Corki

Warring Kingdoms Jarvan IV

Warring Kingdoms Xin Zhao

More Free Ward Skins
As with last year's Snowdown Showdown, Riot is providing us all with free Ward skins during the duration of the holiday.

Simply navigate to the "Ward Skins" tab in the store to enable your free "Banner of the Serpent Ward" or your "Lantern of the Serpent Ward"!

Return of the Gifting Center
To the delight of many, the Gifting center has returned and once again you are now able to purchase skins, champs, and RP to your friends.

Here are some additional details, compliments of Hippalus:
"They say that receiving gifts keeps you young, so we’re reopening the gifting center to celebrate the Lunar Revel. Help those special summoners in your life stay youthful by buying them champions, skins or RP as a gift. 
For those of you who missed out on the holiday cheer this Snowdown, here’s how to give to a friend: 
  • Click on the Gifting Center in the store
  • Choose the type of gift you’d like to purchase; you can give champions and skins with your RP, or buy RP to give to a friend
  • Choose a friend
  • Fill in your payment information if you’re gifting RP, or select the skin or champion you’d like to purchase for your friend; you’ll be notified if your friend is ineligible to receive the gift
  • Add your new year sentiments by filling in a personal message

Your friends will receive their presents the next time they log in, along with your well-wishes.
You may remember there are a few gifting rules in place to protect your account from any shady characters or cyber shakedowns. Here’s the scoop: 
  • You need to purchase any skins, champions, or RP that you plan on giving away: we know you might have some items in your inventory you’re not using that frequently, but re-gifting never kept anybody young for another lunar year
  • You can only give to summoners you’ve had on your friends list for at least two weeks: if you’ve just had a love-at-first sight moment, we’re afraid you’ll have to take things slow for a bit before you start showering your new friend in gifts
  • You must be at least level 20 to send a gift and level 10 to receive one: there’s plenty of Lunar Revel left to level up, so you’ve got time if you want to be a precocious gift-giver
  • There are other restrictions on who can send gifts (no banned accounts) and how many gifts you can send or receive per day (generally 3/day): plan your gift-giving accordingly

Catch all that? Then get set to start Lunar Revel gifting. Grab your pack of red envelopes and head to the gifting center in the League of Legends store.

More Summoner Icons
The five, new Lunar Revel themed summoner icons will be obtainable in very similar ways to the previous Snowdown Showdown icons. The exception to this is the Urf icon is obtainable for specifically gifting one of the previously mentioned Lunar Revel skins.

Note: As was the case with SS, I assume it'll take a little while for these to be dispersed! Be patient!!

Panda Annie Login
If you've restarted your client recently, you may have noticed the fiery new Panda Annie login screen!


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