Statikk Explains the recent PBE AP Tryndamere Nerfs

Posted on at 1:56 AM by Moobeat
"Firstly, as always with PBE changes we are constantly in iteration and what you guys see can sometimes even be an initial pass that has been made largely on theory to put into playtesting (which is true in the case of these AP Tryndamere changes). 
Currently, the change on PBE has Bloodlust's heal AP ratio at 0.2 + 0.01 per Fury consumed (1.2 total AP ratio). The AP ratios actually had already been readjusted to 0.3 + 0.012 per Fury consumed (1.5 total AP ratio which is the same as Live) before this PBE build was even sent out earlier today. 
No, we are not nerfing Tryndamere because he is FotM or because Morello hates you. Power and balance aside, the core issue here is that due to the fact that the AP ratio on Bloodlust is 100% loaded into the base value, AP Tryndamere completely trivializes the actual intended play and counterplay of Bloodlust. We don't mind Tryndamere healing for huge amounts if he has to work for it and his opponents get chances to deny him his resource and punish him for playing poorly. On the other hand, we are not okay with him sustaining back to full Health by mindlessly activating Bloodlust on cooldown with complete impunity while he hides in a brush or wanders from lane to lane.

Although this change obviously has power impacts (yes, it's a nerf), this change is about preserving Tryndamere's intended gameplay and the counterplay that should exist playing against him whether he's building AD or AP." 

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