Signed Shaco Hat Giveaway ( CLOSED )

Posted on at 5:00 AM by Moobeat
This contest is NOW CLOSED! Thanks for the entries and the winner will be contacted shortly!

Everyone thinks "jeez wizz, I sure do wish I had an awesome Shaco hat signed by Adam Harrington, the voice of Shaco, but I'll never be able to find one!" Well, the jokes on you!! I have one to give away courtesy of HatFantasticLLC!
Continue reading to see how you can snag this bad boy and channel your inner Demon Jester!

First off, just in case you don't believe us, here is a video of Adam Harrington, voice actor for Shaco, Ryze, and more, unboxing his own personal hat and signing the fleece strips.

Only 15 of these bad boys were signed by the gracious Mr. Harrington and this can be your chance to score one for yourself!

This wonderful, hand made hat comes tot us from the wonderful Hannah over at HatFantasticLLC!
Be sure to check out their webshop over on Etsy or toss them a shout out over on Twitter and Facebook!

They are responsible for creating all sorts of cray League of Legends themed hats, including Teemo, Corki, Fizz, Talon, Rammus (which we gave away last time!), and more! You can check them all out by clicking here and perusing their webshop!
If you are interested in purchasing a hat for yourself, I have good news! For a week or so, Surrender at 20 fans can enter the discount code "1SURREN20" to get 15% off their total order. WHAT A DEAL!

While I'd love to arm all of you with fancy League of Legends hats, I only have ONE signed Shaco Hat to giveaway! Pick one of the three options below to enter yourself to win:
Sounds easy right? Entry will close at approximately 9 PM PST on Friday, 2/22. Sometime right after that I'll pick a winner at random and contact them for their shipping details. International Entry is welcome and I'm totally willing to ship this bad boy world wide. 

Good luck! 

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