New HUD Animations on PBE

Posted on at 5:58 PM by Moobeat
LiQuiD StRiPeS is proud to present you with a better look at the new HP and resource bar animations we saw added in last nights PBE update!
"Heya summoners! As you know, our champions use quite a variety of unique, interesting mechanics to obliterate their foe. And, well, HELLO, we should bring focus to that!! So I'm glad to introduce you to a new aesthetic upgrade to the in-game HUD, animated HUD bars!! We created unique source animations to establish the characteristics of each source being used. Hope you enjoy! And to further illustrate the new upgrade, here is a video of these bad boys in HD:

Animated HUD bar list: 
Health, Mana, Energy,Shield, Ferocity, Battle Fury, Dragon Fury, Rage, Heat, No Source 
Oh and YES THERE WILL BE A TOGGLE to turn these on/off for those with computers that cant run these."
These are currently available for testing / ogling at on the PBE and will making their way to live servers soon!

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