Lunar Revel RP Giveaway!

Posted on at 9:36 PM by Moobeat
This contest is NOW CLOSED! Thanks you for entering and I'll be notifying the winners shortly.

The Lunar Revel is well underway and we think it would be a cryin' shame if we didn't do our part to hook our fans up with RP to so they can snag one of those five fantastic new skins!
Continue reading to see how you can win yourself one of ten $10 Riot Point cards!

In celebration of this glorious event, we have $100 in $10 RP cards to give away! We'll be giving away four cards to people who enter the contest on the site, three cards to people who enter through our Facebook page, and three cards for those entering on Twitter. Hopefully this mix of entry options rewards those who follow us on social media ( which helps you keep up to date with us or forces you to read Moobeat's boring tweets ) while still giving every site visitor a chance to enter!

Here is how you can get entered to win:

  • To enter on the site, simply comment below saying "Lunar Revel Contest Entry". Make sure you have an email or some other way of contacting you attached to your DISQUS account so we can get a hold of you in the event you win.

Entry will close at on 9 PM PST on 2/16. Sometime shortly after that, I'll contact the winners via their entry route of choice and get them their RP! You may enter though each channel but you can only win one card. Suspicious or duplicate entries through a single medium will be fed to Teemo.  Entry is open to fans on all servers*, including NA, EUW, EUNE, BR, TUR, and KR servers. Please be sure to follow all steps when entering.

* NOTE : If you win and are not located on the NA server, you'll need to accept your prize by either contacting Riot support or accepting a Paypal payment in place of the $10 card. Store bought RP cards don't transfer region. Either way, I'll be sure to work with the winners to make sure they get their sweet, sweet Riot points.

Good luck!

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