LCS: "What is Super Week" and EU Super Week Changes

Posted on at 6:31 AM by Moobeat
In case you weren't aware, this week's LCS action is a little different than the previous weeks. This week, dubbed "Super Week", consists of 20 matches for NA and 20 matches for EU instead of the normal 8 matches per week. To accommodate this wealth of new games, each region will start a day early ( Wednesday for NA and Friday for EU ).

Here is Riot's little promo video about Super Week.

For the Super Week, NA LCS teams will play 12 games on Wednesday, 4 on Thursday, and 4 on Friday.

The EU LCS schedule, which originally mirrored the 12-4-4 of NA, has had some scheduling changes. They will now be playing 8 games Friday, 6 games Saturday, and 6 games Sunday.

Check out the NA Lolesports and the EU Lolesports website for more information or look for our LCS posts a little bit later!

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