LCS NA Week 3

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After two more days of intense eSports action, the third week of North American League of Legends Championship Series ( LCS ) matches is complete!
Continue reading for information on schedules, VODs for each match, and more!

( Note: This post will be updated when the matches are over with scores and VODs when available. Be sure to check back in the eSports tab to keep up to date with all the eSports fun! We'll have a separate post for the NA and EU LCS )

Just to refresh ourselves on how LCS is going to work each week:

Thursdays and Fridays will play host to the NA LCS while Saturday and Sunday will feature the best EU has to offer. Four games will be played on each day for a grand total of eight games per region and a total of 16 professionally casted, free HD broadcasted, and highly competitive games for each week.

However, only six teams will be present at each week's set of matches with two teams rotating out for a break each week. Advanced scheduling can be find over at the fabulous .

*Note: This is also the first week Thresh is allowed for selection!

After last week's matches, the current standings are as follows:

This week's NA LCS matches will feature Vulcun, Counter Logic Gaming, Curse, Good Game University, Dignitas, and compLexity, Team MRN.

Day one's schedule:

( W ) Vulcun vs. Counter Logic Gaming ( L )
~1:00pm PST

 ( W ) Curse vs. Good Game University ( L )
~2:00pm PST

 ( W ) Dignitas vs. Counter Logic Gaming ( L )
~3:00pm PST

( L ) compLexity vs. Vulcun ( W ) 
~4:00pm PST

Day Two schedule: 

( W ) Team MRN vs. Good Game University ( L )
~5:00pm PST
( W ) Counter Logic Gaming vs. compLexity ( L )
~6:00pm PST
( L ) Team MRN vs. Vulcun ( W ) 
~7:00pm PST
( L ) Good Game University vs. compLexity ( W ) 
~8:00pm PST

After the conclusion of week three, the standings are:

As always, be sure to check out for more information on teams, matches, and more!

 I'll have a separate thread, on Saturday, for the EU LCS!

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