Annie VU is here!

Posted on at 12:28 AM by Moobeat
The next Season 3 patch is well on it's way and with it comes a stunning ( GET IT? ) visual upgrade for Annie, the Dark Child. Just in case you missed all of them on the PBE or are just looking for a refresher on what your favorite Annie skin now looks like, I've taken the liberty of whipping up a short showcase of her upgraded skins!
Continue reading for a full set of previews and updated Annie skin spotlights! YAY TIBBERS!

450 IP or 260 RP

Goth Annie
Digital Collector's Pack Only Skin - 3900 RP

Prom Queen Annie
975 RP

Frostfire Annie
975 RP

Reverse Annie
975 RP

Frankentibbers Annie
Not Available - Harrowing 2011 Limited Skin

Red Riding Annie
Not Avaliable - Legacy Skin

Annie In Wonderland
Not Available - Legacy Skin

Panda Annie ( Unreleased )
Lunar Revel 2013 Skin - Not YET Available

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