2/11 Great Atlas Update: Shapeshifters!

Posted on at 11:19 AM by Dr. Frank
Greetings fellow readers! Dr. Frank & Nurse Flan here with the highlights and batch of updates for the Atlas, featuring the new layout for Dual-Form Champions!!
New expanded layout for Shapeshifter Champions!

Continue reading for more details on whats new in this Great Atlas Update!

This week we're implementing a new and expanded layout for Dual-Form Champions, featuring Elise. These Champions (Like Nidalee or Jayce) are so versatile with their different movesets, playstyles and builds that we felt the smaller cards were limiting and couldn’t do them justice. So we came up with an expanded, bigger and more organized way to understand these champions better.  In this layout we will feature the following: 

  • Dual description boxes, the upper one focusing on the default form and general information. The lower description box will focus exclusively on the alternative form. Both will cover the Champion’s Mobility and Utility as well.
  • As most of these Champs are extremely versatile we decided to add an Alternative Itemization extension to the Recommended Items box. This will feature an alternative build path or just more items you can try adding on to your Champion!
  • The new layout will feature Isolated Champion Abilities, you can now check your second form’s abilities separately. This should make it more comfortable to read and identify which ability belongs to which form in two different boxes.
  • There will now be the Alternative Tips Box. Two boxes displaying tips for the two different forms for the dual-form Champion!

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Behold the might of The Blade's Shadow & The Spider Queen

This week we're not only featuring Elise, The Spider Queen, but also, we wanted to give some love to assassins - adding none other than Talon, The Blade's Shadow! He features some sweet and neat tips provided by your favorite grumpy penguin, Frostyninja!

We also made some changes and added a few minor features to the Atlas, and all of the previously added cards. I'm pretty sure you will like the changes as they will make things easier to understand. As such we added the following small features:

  • Color Coding for the Recommended Itemization and Alternative Itemization boxes. Whenever the purpose item fulfills is Utility, Defense or Offense, the tag will be colored Green, Blue and Red respectively.
  • Defense Bar Neutral Portion, now the defense bar on the Champion Description Box will feature a blank neutral zone between the Safety and Survivability bars. This way it will be easier to understand whenever a Champion is not fully Safe and Survivable, as some low mobility Champions rely on only one or have no escape mechanisms or defensive tools and almost no survivability – for example, Veigar., almost no survivability, not a remarkable range on his spells and only one tool to escape sticky situations.
  • And finally, the inner glow from the tiny toggle on the bars will display different colors depending on which portion of the bar is bigger and more important. In the offense bar it will glow purple if the Champion has a high rate of sustained damage, or blue if he's more of a bursty type.
Image displayed is just for showcase, unless you like running Shurelya's  on Ezreal.
We want to thank the Community for all their positive feedback to help make the Atlas as great as it is now! Keep sending us which Champs you'd like to see next, and make sure to leave a comment below sharing your thoughts and opinions! 

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That's all for this week, folks! DEMACIA!

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