The League System is now available for PBE Testing

Posted on at 3:46 PM by Moobeat
As you may have already seen, the new ranked League System is now available for testing on the PBE. According to Veigar this is an unpolished version aimed at seeing "how it performs with a real dataset" and thus the only queues available on the PBE are ranked solo and Co-op vs AI.
Continue reading for a full post regarding the current state of the League system, what the goals are for this testing, and more!

Here is Veigar's full post on the matter:
"We're putting the new League System up on the PBE for testing!

There's still a ton of stuff we're developing for it but we also wanted to get it in front of you guys as soon as possible to get feedback and see how it performs with a "real" dataset. For this test, there are some parts of the experience still un-implemented (like messaging for promotions and series starts) that we know are missing, and we'd like to focus feedback on the number tuning of the system.

In order to facilitate testing, we're going to turn off all queues except ranked solo and co-op vs AI so we get a high volume of games going through the system and lower queue times (leaving co-op vs AI so people can still test balance changes and Thresh without having to go through a full ranked game). We've also lowered thresholds for each tier to enable more movement through the leagues.

Here are some known issues to be aware of (since this system is still under very active development you guys are really getting a peek behind the curtain here):

-League data is not unloaded from memory in some cases, which will increase the memory footprint of the client as you browse through more and more leagues
-There are various visual glitches we're aware of, such as summoner icons not showing up in some cases
-If an unranked player looks at the league screen and then -in the same session- finishes their final provisional game, they will still see the unranked interstitial on the league view. It's possible to work around this by navigating through the challenger tier view or restarting the client.

If you're not familiar with what the league system is, you can check out our previous announcement for some more info here:
or our Reddit AMA here:

And I'll also be available for questions on the forums or in this thread in between games on the PBE all day today. Please use this thread to report bugs and give feedback."

Here are some additional questions followed by answers from Veigar:

 Why can I only see Challenger Tier on my League page?
"If you're not in a league, you will only see the challenger tier on your own league page. You can check out your friends' leagues by going to their profiles and clicking the league view. Let me know if that's what you're doing and still can't see anything."

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