Riot Launches

Posted on at 4:50 PM by Moobeat
Season 3 is right around the corner and Riot has just launched their dedicated League of Legends Championship Series website LOLESPORTS.COM. The site features just about anything you could want to know about the upcoming LCS, including schedules for upcoming, LCS team rosters & specific member stats/picks, current standings, and oodles more.
With the imminent arrival of Season 3 comes the ultimate hub for all things LCS. is your first stop for professional coverage of the competitive scene, from schedules and profiles to highlights and analysis. But it doesn't end here; we've only just begun.
Please do check it out for yourself! Click here for the NA site, here for the EUW site, and here for the EUNE site. The LCS starts next week, starting Feb 7th, and will have feature matches every week between the top teams! Every Thursday and Friday we'll see the top NA teams facing off and Saturday and Sunday will be reserved for the best EU has to offer.

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