PAX East Fundraiser

Posted on at 9:04 AM by Moobeat
As mentioned before, S@20 is venturing to this year's PAX East event in Boston, MA. In an attempt to help fund our big trip, we've put up a special little fundraiser up on the "Donation" page.

Anyone in NA who wants ChipIn ( Paypal or CC ) $7.50 or more on our trip will receive one of those fancy orange Surrender at 20 wristbands and a hand written thank you note / awesomely drawn picture, from Moobeat and Seranaya, in the mail.

We don't want to sound tacky and we don't want to beg but everything helps. Please don't donate if it's beyond your means and we look forward to seeing some of your smiling faces at PAX East later this year ( 53 days left )!

Note: For those from EU asking about donation, I wasn't trying to exclude you. I'll see how much it is to ship bracelets this week. Either way, I'll work out something special for you EU guys.

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