More on Sejuani and Morello on buffs to Fiora's W

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Continue reading for a nice big batch of red posts, including Meddler talking more about the Sejuani rework and Morello mentioning a potential buff to Fiora's W.

Meddler talks Sejuani
If you recall a few days ago, Meddler put up a list if tentative changes he hopes include in Sejunai's rework. The list included both "pretty much going to do this" and "still testing this" changes. Earlier today, he made several posts today responding to summoner concerns about those changes and here are the results!

Responding to the general idea of tinkering with and possibly removing her current passive, he said:
"We are experimenting with removing the slow from her autos and instead giving her a new passive, with the mark system then being a passive built into Permafrost. Loss of a 10% slow is indeed a removal of some power, we'd be looking to compensate for that though of course and, at end of day, a 10% slow doesn't actually offer that much effect, particularly because it's often occuring with another slow (e.g. red buff) and thererfore suffering the secondary slow penalty which reduces it's strength to almost nothing."
Continuing this topic to the specific, and powerful, interaction of her current passive and Liandry's Torment, Meddler responded:
"Removal of the 10% slow would indeed impact the benefit Sejuani gets from Liandry's, which is definitely a point of note r.e. sustained damage and therefore teamfight threat, no argument there. On the other hand balancing her state around a single item, thereby leaving her vulnerable to changes to that item and to the meta (high health builds as at present) that item performs best in makes it harder to get her to, and keep her in, a balanced, well performing spot. Consequently it's a thing to watch but not a primary point of concern."
When questioned if he had an idea in mind for a new passive, he replied:
"Potentially something that taps into her mounted nature a bit, not certain on that though, very much an ongoing process the moment. One thing I'd like to avoid however is having to strip significant power away from her other abilities to add a really strong passive, given her current passive doesn't have that much power tied into it under most circumstances.'

Responding to the desire for increased responsiveness, Meddler said:
"The charge responsiveness changes actually include a few things - detecting an enemy's been hit slightly quicker some of the time, reducing the brief pause at the end of the charge that occurs sometimes, preserving move orders if they're in the same direction as the charge, improved passing through terrain and finally adjusting the charge range indicator to match the actual distance traveled (the current indicator's slightly longer than the actual distance - I'm guessing one got reduced in live balancing before her release and the other got missed)."

One summoner asked "So her "rework" is gonna be similar to garen's where you just change the skills around and add stuff to them?" to which Meddler responded:
"Potentially. Her passive's likely to change as above, assuming we shift the mark for Permafrost to a passive on Permafrost itself. Beyond that depends on testing - might just be tuning on the other skills, might be some functionality changes, not sure yet."
To hammer that point home a little more, he added.
"Definitely won't be looking at anything as large as Eve's rework, agree that her issues aren't the sort that need massive kit changes on that sort of scale."

Incoming Fiora Buffs?
Morello had some good news for Fiora players today. He mentioned that Riot is working to test her W, Riposte, to block on-hit abilities!
"We agree with the W blocking on-hits. We're going to try and test this"

To clarify just a little bit more, he also added in:
"The division currently is purely technical - we're going to look at breaking that division and making it block all associated effects of an attack - instead of just the auto-attack damage. This would mean things like Bear Stance's stun or Jax's bonus damage on Empower would not hit Fiora."

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