Champion Price Reduction Schedule

Posted on at 5:28 PM by Moobeat
In light of the recently announced changes to champion prices, Hippalus dropped off a quick reminder of the next four champions to be receiving both an IP and RP price reduction.
"As previously announced, we’ll be reducing champion prices on a fixed schedule going forward, which is primarily based on champion release dates. The initial price reductions on Ezreal, Vladimir, Renekton, Nocturne, Lee Sin, Brand and Vayne have already been completed.

Here are the details on the next set of scheduled price reductions. Please note that because these price reductions are preannounced, refunds will not be granted to players who purchase these champions prior to their price reductions.

  • 1st champion launch of 2013: Yorick reduced to 4800 IP / 880 RP and Udyr reduced to 1350 IP / 585 RP
  • 2nd champion launch of 2013: Leona reduced to 4800 IP / 880 RP
  • 3rd champion launch of 2013: Wukong reduced to 4800 IP / 880 RP
Additionally, all newly launched champions in 2013 will be reduced from their initial price of 7800 IP to 6300 IP after one week. Click here for more background on the pricing changes and how these champions were selected for reductions."

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