Aether Wing Kayle now available!

Posted on at 4:26 PM by Moobeat
Aether Wing Kayle , Kayle's futuristic, laser sword wielding new skin, is now available via the in game store for 1820 Riot Points. As with other legendary skins, Aether Wing Kayle features a slew of new animations, particles, and a completely new voice over.
Continue reading for a closer look at the skin, including Riot's release announcement and a video preview.

Here is Riot's flavorful introduction to Aether Wing Kayle:
"In this alternate fantasy, Kayle has returned to her homeworld following the loss of her wings. Broken but unbowed, she reclaimed the secrets of the master craftsmen that once inhabited her planet and forged a new pair of beautiful, transcendent ailerons and infused her blade with faith and light. 
Armed with her new weapons, she brought an end to the ancient war that plagued her people and lifted her world into paradise. 
Legendary Aether Wing Kayle returns to the Fields of Justice with intricate new animations for her wings and model, light-infused spell effects, sounds and VO that evoke the promise of her vision. 
Bring a vision of utopia to Runeterra with legendary Aether Wing Kayle, now available in the store for 1820 RP."

Here is Riot's preview of the this new legendary skin:

and here is a full duration Skin Spotlight

... and here is the wonderful login music!

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