1/28 PBE Update #2: Goth Annie Splash

Posted on at 8:06 PM by Moobeat
For the second time today, the PBE has been updated!
Continue reading for  the full glory of the new Goth Annie splash and an update to FrankenTibbers Annie's Tibbers.

New Goth Annie Splash Art
Today is a good day for Annie splash art enthusiasts! Earlier today we got a new default Annie splash art and now we have a brand new art for Goth Annie.
Since it's become a common question: Goth Annie is a skin obtained by purchasing the "Digital Collector's Pack" for 3900 RP. It includes loads of champs, bonus RP, and more.

FrankenTibbers Annie's Tibbers has neck bolt sparks again!
As promised, FT Annie's Tibbers now has sparks shooting out of his neck again!

Since I realize the picture doesn't do it justice, here is a very short video:

Need to catch up on the previous patches in this PBE cycle?

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