1/23 PBE Update: Steel Legion Lux Splash

Posted on at 2:09 PM by Moobeat
Early afternoon PBE update anyone?
Continue reading for the latest batch of PBE changes, including a new splash art for Steel Legion Lux!

( Warning: PBE content is highly tentative and subject to change! Some of this information may have been datamined and could likely be erroneous. )

Steel Legion Lux Splash
Following Steel Legion Garen's splash art release, Steel Legion Lux now has a splash of her own! Are we setting up for a Brother / Sister Demacian Wombo Combo?

League System
Looks like a whole lot of bug fixes ( according to all the red posts addressing and noting bugs at least ) and polish went down. The infamous double bronze typo is also gone. QQ.

Balance Changes
Read this: There has not yet been a game client patch. This means any changes listed below have been datamined from the Air client and are NOT yet represented when you load up a game on the PBE. Due to this, there haven't actually been any changes and I won't be posting up a complete list until they are  actually applied to the game client since it's confusing when you want to test a change, only to find out it isn't actually there. Sorry. We already saw what Riot's response to the alleged Shaco nerfs that weren't ready so I feel this is an appropriate action.

Need to catch up on the previous patches in this PBE cycle?

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