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Posted on at 8:11 AM by Seranaya
Well, we've had a few things happen in the eSports scene the last few days that I figured I'd combine and place all in one neat post for you guys!
Here's a little clipping from the brand new website launched earlier. GO CHECK IT OUT
We've got everything from the new Dignitas top laner, another pro player receiving a ban to a new, long awaited rioter. Continue reading!

KiWiKiD joins Dignitas
First things first, Since IWillDominate's ban from the game earlier in the year, Dignitas has been looking for a replacement in the top lane for their season 3 lineup. After two weeks of tryouts they've come to a decision!
Welcome KiWiKiD, He was a pro player in the Heroes of Newarth scene that has moved his interests to League of Legends! He will be the new top laner for team Dignitas in season 3. He made this statement here on his introduction post on the team Dignitas website:
"I am honored that Team Dignitas chose me as their Off-laner; I feel like Harry Potter, TheChosenOne. I am very grateful for this opportunity and will do the best I can. Thank you to all my fans, especially the ones that still follow me from the HoN scene. Season 3, here I come!"
Did he just make a Harry Potter reference? We're best friends already.

sOAZ gets a timed ban.
In other news, another pro player has received a ban from Riot, albeit not quite as intense as IWillDominate's. Fnatic sOAZ has received a timed ban for flaming. He put this statement on Facebook after being banned:
"#banned, riot waited me to back home to ban me MEHHHHHHHH that game was 1 month ago or even more
for once, do i really deserv this fckin ban ? ( i'm irelia )
can still play ladder tho if i don't close my client ahah
He included a link to his tribunal case in his post but here it is again for those that are interested in reading the game chat and forming your own conclusions.

Deman joins Riot
Finally, a member of the eSports community has FINALLY joined Riot officially and I am so excited for him! Deman, the wonderful caster from many a eSports events has officially joined Riot as a commentator for season 3.
I don't know someone more deserving of that fancy Riot t-shirt than him. He posted this photo on his twitter along with this statment:
"I am delighted to announce I have joined Riot Games full time as a commentator, looking forward to Season 3 and beyond!"
 A huge congratulations to him and I'm sure he is so excited!


  1. Interesting...

  2. gratz on Deman, hes a great commentator :D

  3. I know that feel broDecember 19, 2012 at 8:22 AM

    Congrats Deman!

  4. I just looked at the Tribunal case from SoaZ and well......., for what did he get banned. I mean his attitude is not the most positive one. But when you go to laning phase after minions spawn and the rengar is 2-0 well then f**k yeah. I have no idea why he got banned.

  5. That's cool and stuff, but .... VI WHERe

  6. Totally love that Deman is part of Riot! Great commentator! :]

  7. His ban is just like mine was for 1 bad word in few games. Now i dont write anything cause maybe someone will get offended by me witing "shitty turret"

  8. Guys, look at the other games. It's not like he was directly flaming anyone really bad, but he kept repeating "worst team ever" "where is my jungler" "my jungler sucks" "bad team" "qq to riot" "solo q sucks bad team" etc etc and as a professional player he is supposed to be a good guy and not do anything like this at all. I think he deserves a small ban for this. If this was my 'hero' of LoL, e.g. if this was Doublelift or Yellowpete and I saw they do this, I'd be sad :/

  9. To the people saying this ban was undeserved: maybe you should read the report a bit more.

    good jungler i have ^^
    Best team EVER
    but i'm sure your the real trash naru
    this mofo jungler finally died
    can you report all the guys of my team ? thx
    i dont care, i get ban aswell so why u wouldnt?
    go qq to riot after
    die pig
    worst team ever again
    i try to splitpush cuz u sux

    That's not language anybody should be using when playing.
    People get banned just for saying "gg easy" so... yes, this ban was well deserved.

  10. Not to mention the that I read all of that with that troll face pic in my head didn't help his case ether in my mind... Frustration is fine, but thats just being an ass, and hes a sponsored pro player... I'm sure his sponsors don't want an asshat promoting their product as well.

  11. Then you must be blind and toxic like him, if you would read all of his games though, you would see why he got banned and he deserves it.

  12. Ban deserved. Not exactly enjoyable to Play with. Anyone who says its fine Probably needs to have a look at thier own behaviour too.

  13. Damn i talk like that too i rlly gotta learn how to be nicer :/ its kinda hard when ppl feed or dont gank but Riot is right :/

  14. congrats Deman .. you were fun to listen too when watching tournaments

  15. I really hate how these "professional" players think they have the right to flame anyone for everything they do. And then you watch their solo queues and they are always top and never leave top, thinking they can play by themselves and leaving the real team 4v5 the whole match.

  16. Soaz sounds like a damn random...

  17. What?You are a skin?

  18. "Then you must be blind and toxic like him"

    I get the sense that you're really bad at LoL. And often on the receiving end of this "toxic" behavior

  19. That's because if you're doing poorly not only are you losing but you're a detriment to the team. Just like pros it infuriates me when I'm doing well and my team is blowing my lead. The reason why a good player stays top in this scenario is to force the 1v1. I'll stay top to force a 1v1 when I know I'm stronger than anyone on their team. You guys can 4v4 and hold the mid inhib. I'll 1v1 and win and take top inhib. If the enemy team trys to 4v5 you just play defensively, sit on the tower and dodge Nidalee spears, ect. If you engage the 4v5 you're an idiot. Wait until I take the mid inhib.

  20. The Harrowing is over , what are you doing here?

  21. Also he just got a 7 day ban. As stated by himself. If I just got a 7 day ban I wouldn't type shit in chat that could even remotely look like its ban-able. So with this ban (probably the 2 week type). Look to see this douche bad following IWD perma ban status shortly.

  22. Or they see you out of position on top and destroy you, which is what I often see happening.
    I know the feeling of doing well and beeing held back by the terrible team, thats why I usually only play in 3v3 with at least another person, and in 5v5 with at least 3 other people. Since I started doing that, I haven't lost any 3v3s and I win 2 out of 3 5v5s.
    Of course, I don't get to play as many matches, since I have to wait for friends to log in, but I save myself the frustration.

  23. For me the Harrowing isn't over...Never!

  24. Not like you know anything about League of Legends. Go make me some poffins dumb betch