IEM Cologne Day 2 and Day 1 VODs

Posted on at 7:57 AM by Seranaya
What's up everyone, I'm here with another update for you all on IEM Cologne!
I've got all the information and brackets for day 2 as well as all the VODs from day 1, so continue reading to check it all out!

First things first, the VODs from day 1. Here you are:
Group A
Mousesports vs SK Telecom T1 : VOD here
Millenium vs Fnatic : VOD here
SK Telecom T1 vs Fnatic : VOD here
Millenium vs Mousesports : VOD here
SK Telecom T1 vs Millenium : VOD here
Mousesports vs Fnatic : Was not streamed

Today group B plays which includes these teams:
  • Counter Logic Gaming Europe
  • MeetYourMakers
  • Team Alternate
  • CJ Entus
The schedule for today looks like this. Props to our friends over at Leaguepedia for providing this schedule with all these time zones.

The streams are located:

If you missed my original post with all of the tournament information, be sure to check it out here.


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