End of S2 still delayed.

Posted on at 4:33 PM by Moobeat
Regrettably, the end of S2 is still delayed and we won't be seeing a patch tonight. Here is Volibar's unfortunate announcement:
We’re continuing to work hard on the end of season patch which includes your rewards for Season Two. We’re still ironing out a few kinks, and we aren’t going to deploy until we’re confident it’s ready and polished.
As a result, ranked queues will remain available until we’re ready to pull the trigger on the patch. Your end of season rewards will still be based on the highest rating you earned between September 12th and when maintenance begins for the upcoming patch. Thanks for your patience!"


  1. Psh Moobeat! This post so bland. Now I've got to go find a fancy picture for a heading for you.

    1. seranaya is so fast =.= always first :p

    2. It's because I live on this website. lol

    3. is there any chance we can play a game together? :)

    4. You wanna play with me? Im a seksy black boy looking for someone to love me....

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    5. the REAL reason why S3 is delayed.... https://twitter.com/RiotMorello - scroll down to 20h ago.

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    1. It's k, Seranaya is here to fix silly Moobeat mistakes!

  3. So, if I've gone from 1100 to 1300 in the past week, that means if they delay the patch for another week, I'll hit gold right?!


  4. "Dear surr@20ers! I'm sure you eagerly read all my posts about the end of Season 2 approaching, however, I have to tell you once again, that your patience is needed!
    This is Volibear confirming the delay of the new patch:


    Let us thank Riot for not starting the Preseason with a patch full of bugs and settle down, maybe play some funny ARAMs with me until we get further notice!"


    Moo, I expect to to at least polish it up to something like that.