Updated S1 & New S2 forum badges.

Posted on at 7:17 PM by Moobeat
You can click here to see Kades sporting his fancy S1 platinum icon on the forums.
The shiny new forum badges for S1 & S2 ranked progress have been uploaded to the forums! You can now check out the more stylized version of the S1 icons and, whenever the end of S2 patch comes, you'll start to see the S2 Platinum and Diamond badges pop up ( NOTE: They have not yet been distributed yet, you can just snoop around the forum files to find them. )
S1 Gold, S1 Plat, S2 Plat, S2 Diamond.


  1. They're already on the forums

    Look at ergheis


  2. Halo 4 comes out tomorrow and Morello will be posting on the forums new S3 stuff? Cya grades, my days full.

  3. I am very dissapointed that they wont give gold badges like last year :/

    1. We need a petition going to bring them back for s2, i busted my ass for 1500 and nothing to show for it this time around makes me sad