IPL5 Day 2 and Day 1 VODs

Posted on at 4:04 AM by Seranaya
After an awesome day 1 at IPL5, we've seen some intense plays and some unexpected upsets.
Did you miss out on the games yesterday at IPL5? I've totally got you covered! I've also compiled another list of information for those that will be watching the matches scheduled for today. Continue on for everything you need!

First things first, I know you want VODs and I'm here to deliver! All of the games that were streamed have their VODs below:

Group A Games
Azubu Blaze vs Team Dynamic - VOD here
World Elite vs Fnatic RC - I haven't found the video for this yet.
Azubu Blaze vs World Elite - VOD here
Team Dynamic vs Fnatic RC - VOD here
Azubu Blaze vs Fnatic RC - VOD here

Group B Games
CLG.na vs Team FeaR - VOD here
CLG.eu vs iCeLand - VOD here
CLG.eu vs CLG.na - VOD here
iCeLand vs Team FeaR - VOD here
CLG.na vs Team FeaR - I haven't found the video for this yet.

Group C Games
TSM vs Curse.eu - VOD here
Meat Playground vs SGS - VOD here
Curse.eu vs SGS - VOD here
TSM vs Meat Playground - VOD here
SGS vs TSM - VOD here

Group D Games
Taipei Assassins vs Blackbean - VOD here
M5 vs Curse.na - VOD here
M5 vs Taipei Assassins - VOD here
Curse.na vs Blackbean - VOD here
M5 vs Curse.na - VOD here

Winner's Bracket Games
Moscow 5 BenQ vs World Elite
Game 1 - VOD here
Game 2 - VOD here

CLG.eu vs Team SoloMid
Game 1 - VOD here
Game 2 - VOD here

Now, are you ready for day 2? I sure am! Here's a look at the schedule with match-ups and times, courtesy of Leaguepedia:
And remember, your streams are located in the following places:
IPL5 1 stream in free HD
IPL5 2 stream in free HD
IPL5 3 stream in free HD

For any information regarding the set-up of the tournament, please refer to my first post located here.


  1. Thiago do Couto Reis e SilvaNovember 30, 2012 at 4:10 AM


  2. Thiago do Couto Reis e SilvaNovember 30, 2012 at 4:10 AM

    Always criticized this, but... whatever ¬¬

  3. Since I don't have the time to watch the recaps, I hoped to see some game coverage here like you did for S2 Finals. :(

  4. the one with the Fnatic vs Dynamic has some problems I cant watch the match

  5. I believe Seranaya has school/work today but she plans on doing that sort of thing for the ipl5 finals :>

  6. Truly, truly, truly outrageous...

  7. I think we can win if we want too, we need to think about it

  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UcGeT2aC4DE Fear vs CLG NA Second match

  9. Thanks again for the coverage Seranaya!
    Yesterday's game where most onesided in my opinion (at least the ones I saw), except for TPA vs M5, which kept a balanced pace until TPA took a small lead and won.
    Hopefully today's games will be like this one, mostly.

  10. I see many... undevine teams in this tournament, waiting to be smashed..

  11. how far can this go, just wondering, I someone comments on my comment, and someone else comments on that comment can it go till infinety?

    ps. I think they changed the sharks because, it just wasnt fitting in the game, to... childlysh?

    or is that just me?

  12. 5$ subscription just to watch in Higher then 480p quality AND i have to watch ads? %$#@ that

  13. Has anyone tried watching the VODs? I don't get any sound from them

  14. was so awseome fnatic vs tpa, fnatic always has been one of my favorite teams (only have two fav teams lol so yeah) (:

  15. We can see you are not wacthing IPL5 day2 MOSCOW5 still can win
    where is the best team on NA TSM lost GG WP