IPL 5 Begins Today!

Posted on at 7:21 AM by Seranaya
Are we ready for the last big tournament of the year? I sure am and I can't wait! IGN ProLeague 5 begins today and I have all the information you need.
Read on for teams, brackets, schedules, streams and any other information you might need.

This tournament is beginning with a double elimination group stage consisting of four groups. They matches will be a best-of-one and the top two from each group will move on to the winner's bracket. The bottom two teams will be placed in the loser's bracket. During the bracket stage it will be a double elimination, best-of-three. The grand finals are going to be a best-of-seven with the team coming from the winner's bracket starting with a 2-0 game advantage. It lasts from today until December 2nd. First things first, let's look at the teams. Team SoloMid was the only invited team since they won IPL 4. Everyone else had to make it in on their own:
  • Team Dynamic
  • World Elite
  • Azubu Blaze
  • FnaticRC
  • Team FeaR
  • Counter Logic Gaming Europe
  • Counter Logic Gaming North America
  • IcelanD
  • Meat Playground
  • Curse Gaming Europe
  • Singapore Sentinels
  • Team SoloMid
  • Curse Gaming
  • Moscow Five BenQ
  • Taipei Assassins
  • Blackbean
Have you ever seen such an AMAZING line-up in one tournament before? It's going to be a great compitition! We have a ton of great casters for the event as well. I introduce to you:
  • Joe "Joe Miller" Miller
  • Leigh "Deman" Smith
  • David "Phreak" Turley
  • Joshua "Jatt" Leesman
  • James "Red Baron" Reilman
  • AJ "HatPerson" Mazur
  • Tom "Optimus Tom" Searfoss
  • Chris "Studio" Grant
Teams will be playing for an awesome prize pool(Which they obviously want to share with me) that looks like this:
  • 1st: $50,000
  • 2nd: $20,000
  • 3rd: $7,500
  • 4th: $3,000
  • 5th-6th: $2,500
  • 7th-8th: $1,750
  • 9th-12th: $1,500
  • 13th-16th: $1,250
For ease of use, I've taken a screenshot of the schedule from our friends over at Leaguepedia instead of typing it out. There are a TON of games today and this schedule has several different time zones, which will be helpful to some of out international readers as well!
Lucky for everyone, the stream will be done in free HD! It is located here
There is also a stream located on Twitch.tv for those interested.


  1. I wonder if NA will actually manage to do any good for a change?

  2. wait, this is why they have been hogging up the last patch?

  3. This means that the patch is not coming out this week either?

  4. Which patch is this being played on?

    1. Sorry, its on the Elise patch. Once I'm out of class I'll put that in the post.

  5. I don't think so. Usually, for big tournaments, they use an off-line version of the game, which usually is a few patches behind the live servers.

  6. The new patch won't be coming out till mid December at the EARLIEST, said so on the new "name changing" league update. This is why reading is valuable -_-

    Excited to see how TPA does in this tournament though, I love the assassins very much <3

  7. The new stated "When Patch 1.73 arrive..." And if im not wrong, we are currently at 1.71... This means we could get Nami before S3 hits at mid december.

  8. Maybe its time to apply your rule "This is why reading is valuable".

    "Patch 1.72 should go out within the next week. The Name Change cleanup will be in the one after that, patch 1.73."

  9. Cool. Thanks Seranaya, seems like my afternoon got busy all of a sudden :D


  11. Right?! Going to be a very busy day. I wish I didn't have to work though -.-

  12. Good thing my internship is in the morning xD

  13. After this tournament, season 3!!! :D

  14. Truly, truly, truly outrageous.

  15. It's up to the OddOne to save the situation!

  16. My god, TSM got ace'd twice... :/

  17. OHOHOHO...

    Right now TSM is a band of stuck up, douche, used-to-be's kids who are best at 2 things:
    1. acting like divas on streams
    2. losing to real competition

    They can't win against a top tier team anymore unless they get lucky or play against newcomers who's teamplay is not up to par yet. It's so fun to watch them lose over and over again :)

  18. If you guys paid attention to news at all you would know that Riot promised a support before the year is up. So Nami is either coming out with the S3 patch or before it.