"Incomplete" Zed and Skillshot Changes in the upcoming PBE update

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Edit: Added another red posts to the bottom, further clarifying the skill shot changes.

A PBE update is on the way and CertainlyT & Statikk have put up some information prefacing a few things coming in that update.
Continue reading for two posts regarding an "incomplete" version of Zed and some changes for how skill shots work in the upcoming PBE patch!

"Incomplete" Zed:

CertainlyT had this to say about the current, "incomplete" version of Zed that is currently on the PBE:
"Zed will soon be available for testing on the PBE. Thanks in advance to everyone for all of the testing and feedback that will occur over the coming days to help us release the best possible champion.

The version of Zed you'll be playing on day 1 is definitely not complete. He is missing a couple icons, and has a few known particle and animation issues. I encourage everyone to report things like this.

I would also love it if you all would dig even deeper. Test and give feedback on those edge cases and unusual circumstances we that might not have come up during our internal testing. In particular, Zed has the most ambitious set of non-primary animations/particles of any champion we've ever made (emotes, recall, etc.). I'm confident there are a lot of bugs still to be discovered with these.

In terms of reporting -- detail is everything. Please try to give as much context as possible to your reports, including but obviously not limited to, game time, map position, other champions present, and any other variable that you feel might be relevant. The best bug reports describe the set of conditions necessary to replicate the bug in question.

A final word on Zed himself -- Zed is a fairly technical assassin. He rewards flexibility in comboing his abilities; his pattern is not as straightforward as a lot of our other champions. As PBEers, you can help us not just fix bugs, but also to make the play experience more rewarding for everyone after launch. With that in mind, feel free to use these forums to discuss what worked for you and ways that we can better communicate the possibility of particular skill/skill combo uses to other Zed players, through particles, tooltips, skill tweaks, etc.

We know that Zed is great midlane and jungle, and can succeed elsewhere with the right matchup/team comp. Keep that in mind during champ select.

Have fun!"
Skillshot Changes:
Statikk dropped off a post on the PBE forums about upcoming changes to how skill shots are going to work and how the ranges on many skill shots appear to be reduced, but will function at the same range they as they presently do on live.
"Hey guys,

We’ve had an issue for a while where skillshot line missiles have been occasionally unreliable at very close range. We’re testing a fix that addresses those close-range issues, and that we believe will also improve the reliability of skillshots at all ranges.

In order to fix this issue and several other bugs pertaining to skillshot line missiles, we've re-engineered the way skillshot hit detection works in our game. As part of this change, skillshots now fully take into account the model size of the target champion. This makes skillshot behavior in our game much more consistent (and actually results in a very small effective difference between champions with different sizes, so it won’t impact the way you use skillshots).

In order to retain the current gameplay we have on the Live servers, we've had to slightly reduce the range of most skillshots since targets are effectively slightly bigger and thus slightly easier to hit. Although this is a numbers nerf on paper, our intention here is to keep the overall gameplay feel of skillshots the same as previous patches. The game should feel the same, with the benefit of more reliable skillshots.

Keep in mind, sometimes skillshots may appear to miss due to weird lag conditions, but this fix is aimed at addressing the most common issue players were experiencing.

Hopefully you guys get a chance to test these changes out and please leave us feedback on how they feel.

 Edit: Here is another more posts about the skill shot changes.

Wiksy expanding on the "skillshots now fully take into account the model size of target champion" bit
"Some additional context on this: We found out that previously the math was flawed in that a champion's model size was taken into consideration only if the missile was hitting from the side, but not from the front. This means that previously if you shoot a skillshot right at an enemy, it would only hit when it hit the center of the target; but if you aim it at target's side it would hit if it touches the target's bounding circle. This was pretty inconsistent.

We changed it so that it will always use the target's bounding circle, but this means the potential reach of a skillshot is extended, and we have to slightly reduce the range of skillshots."


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    1. Crongatulations! You just won a dildo, would you like to f*ck yourself right now or later?

  2. this skill shot stuff sounds fun :D

  3. Patch notes:
    Any friendly champion a 6-stack chogath is standing next to, is now immune to all single target skillshots

    1. "We are making skillshots more reliable so that every team that has a giant tank won't get affected by them."...fk logic

  4. Sooooo... now freaking Teemo is harder to hit?

  5. i think they should remove thos skillshot indicators... personally indicators annoy me a lot of times, and for example Rivens ulti indicator is buggy, always move away from the character...

  6. Wow, IMO it's quite a big nerf skillshot champions like Morgana and Ezreal, ezreal has his W width reduced and -as gone, now his q range getting nerfed, i suppose now you have to be in melee range in order to hit small champions. I'll try to stay positive and see how it actually goes on Live.

  7. Wow, nice job turning skillshots less reliable thanks to gigantic tanks

  8. Right, because we all know exactly how it works without actually having played it yet. No Blitz or Nautilus will ever hook again. Woe is us.

    Simmer, kids. Mess around with it and find out if it's all gloom and doom or if, as indicated, the game "[feels] the same, with the benefit of more reliable skillshots."

  9. damn think of the champs with already extremely short skill shots as it is for example Maokais arcane smash or Shens shadow dash this aren't exactly hard to land because you have to be close to people as it is but still.