FeaR acquires mMe.Ferus, Voyboy gets a new team

Posted on at 10:34 AM by Seranaya
Quick update for you guys on the tumultuous post-season 2 pro league of legends scene. I have information regarding mMe.Ferus and also some information on Voyboy and the team that picked him up!
Read on for all the details.

The Call of Duty gaming giant, Team FeaR, has announced today that they will be picking up the roster of Monomaniac Ferus as their new league of legends team! FeaR has been wanting to spread into the League of Legends scene for awhile and they picked a really great team to do it with! This puts the new Team FeaR with a roster like this:
  • FeaR Aphromoo - AD Carry
  • FeaR MuffinQT - Support
  • FeaR ManCloud - AP Mid
  • FeaR Xmithie - Jungle
  • Their top lane has yet to be announced.
Be sure to check out the article here. I'll also throw all the social media links up here so people can follow and support the team!

In other news, Voyboy, who was recently removed from Counter Logic Gaming North America has found himself a new team! He announced today by way of Vlog that he would be joining the ranks of Team Curse. Here's the vlog for your personal viewing pleasure:
This now leaves Voyboy with being on 3 of the North American top teams. He's been on Dignitas, CLG.na, and now Team Curse.


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    1. Why is this on the front page? Just because someone is popular they deserve media?

    2. It's not on the first page because it's popular on anything, it's on the front page because it's the latest news related to League of Legends...

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    1. Nobody asked you to be. This is for those who ARE interested.

    2. CoD kiddies playing League. Not interested. A squirrel has more tactics.

    3. Don't get me wrong, I love watching the live games, but just because a player is popular, does not mean they belong on the front page of a website that is geared towards developing news, as well as elaborating for us about the posts on leagueoflegends.com

      I think this new is relevant to the scene, and there should be a new tab at the top of this page, for news regarding famous people that play league. Otherwise I do not understand the logic behind posting this here.

    4. Surrender at 20 is a news site. League of Legends eSports is relevant news to the scene. Some people enjoy readying eSports and like to stay up on it. This post isn't about one famous person. It's about a team getting picked up by a new sponser and being renamed, and another teams roster being filled out with a great player. If you do not enjoy my section, you can hide it by clicking a tab at the top that's more relevant to your interests.
      All posts made on S@20 are automatically put on the front page. This is so people that like all aspects of the game don't miss anything. I'm sorry you don't like that my eSports posts are there, but they will continue to be :)

    5. Forgive me, I did not pay attention that it is your message, I am respectful to you. I love the league and tournaments like it, but I'm not interested "great people" are quite simply - ******
      I apologize once again, you are gorgeous and good writing.

    6. I love your website, and posts. I guess I just don't see the difference between the popular teams vs the less popular teams that get no coverage at all. I guess that's all part of the joy of being better than others.

  3. Im happy for Ex-mMe.Ferus. NOt only is it a better sponsor, but a new brand (no more confusion with other mMe teams).

    Also, Voyboy going to Curse is a smart move as well as a revenge move. HOwever, I've already seen many comments talking about Curse being CLG Benchwarmers (which is true), so I think they wont live that down for awhile lol

    CLG.Benched will be a formiddable force in S3. Watch out top teams.

    1. except for Curse being way better and more sympathetic at that

      'CLG.Benched' is such a dumb term seriously -,-

    2. It's the truth, and Curse isn't better

  4. Voyboy is a player at top, Westrice was top, and they have Salce on top now...
    What kind of grand strategies did I miss?

  5. I wanted Voyboy to join the new team FeaR.

    I think he would have been so good with their crazy picks :(