Elementz Benched, Rhux Joins Curse

Posted on at 2:36 PM by Seranaya
Here we go again with another team change post season 2. This time it's within Curse Gaming. Elementz, who plays support for the team, is being benched as a non-starting player.
Continue reading to find out who is replacing him, a vlog about the change by Crs Pluto and the reasoning behind the decision.

As you may have noticed during last weekend's SoloMid Series tournament, Curse was running with a new player. Rhux played with the team and performed very well throughout the event and Curse Gaming took first place! 
Rhux's photo from LeaguePedia
Rhux began his career with Curse by winning the Proving Ground 1v1 tournament which qualified him to try out for the team. Curse then tested him during the SoloMid Series and have decided to use him as their new support player. This will move Elementz to a sub position along with Westrice who is already a sub. You can learn more about him by visiting his AMA on Reddit here. Also you can follow him on Twitter here.

Here is the vlog that was posted by Crs Pluto explaining the situation. The information about the switch starts around 10:45.


  1. Black players inc....................................>:)

    1. That we'll hopefully begin to see more competitive black players after Aphromoo and this Rhux guy. At least imho

    2. He doesn't really look black to me, but I've wanted to see more off them in competitions as well. A few friends and I aren't going for that yet though. But plenty of black players do play the game, including myself and some of my friends.


  3. Welp, know he feels like shit. Guy just became Riot sponsored too.

  4. ok do curse a poker tournament and the winner will enter the place of njack

  5. "heart of the team" - kicks him off... ok.