SoloMid Series Begins Today

Posted on at 11:58 AM by Seranaya
Team SoloMid's new tournament series for the off-season begins today!
Read on for information on who's playing, when it begins and where you can find it.

Week 1 of the previously announced off-season tournament series by Team SoloMid begins today at 9:30pm EST (6:30pm PST, 3:30am CET) and goes until October 21st. They have quite the star studded cast of teams playing and I can't wait to watch it all go down.
This tournament is a double elimination tournament. All of the teams will be participating in all SIX tournaments in the off season. They will be playing for a total of $3,000 per tournament. The finals in the tournament will have a prize pool of $12,000! Here's a look at when each tournament will be taking place:
And of course, here's a list of the participating teams:

  • Team SoloMid
  • Curse Gaming
  • Team Dignitas
  • mMe.Ferus
  • Orbit Gaming
  • Team Dynamic
  • Counter Logic Gaming NA
  • Meat Playground
Intense right? The bracket stands like this, with all of the dates, times, and match-ups you can look forward to all weekend!

I've got the stream embedded right here for you! You can also find it at this link when it begins!


  1. Yyyyy... FIR... mmmmmmmmm... so... FI... ok, great, another tournamFIRST!!!!!1

  2. Halo, me gusta bananas!

  3. 6 tourneys, 3000$ per victory = 12,000$ total?


  4. > "All of the teams will be participating in all SIX tournaments in the off season."

    Always the same repetitive stuff -.- They will not get better just playing with the same teams over and over again, also the NA teams are the weakest of the globe but still they only want to give the money to them

  5. Go TSM! Good luck to Ferus too, Aphromoo is a great duelist

  6. Hey moobeat! The trist skin just got out but it's with the OLD splash art. Weird?

  7. Meat Playground... what an awesome name ha ha.

  8. aaron your icon is too cute

  9. Gotta love that 480p.

  10. why are the turrets attcking faster