S2 Reward Icon Preview

Posted on at 8:50 AM by Moobeat
 Update: Yegg posted more icons and I've attached them into the bottom of the post.

Good ole' Yegg, one of Riot's Senior Game Designers, put up a small preview of a few of the S2 reward icons that players can earn by achieving various milestones in ranked play.
Season 1 Gold icon, Season 2 Silver Solo icon, Season 2 Silver 3v3 icon, Season 2 Silver 5v5 icon, Season 2 Bronze bonus icon, and Season 2 Diamond bonus icon
Continue reading for the full preview and some additional information from Yegg.

Here is his preview, referencing the images above.
"Wanted to give you all a small preview of some of the reward icons that will be given out at the end of the season. From left to right:

Season 1 Gold icon
Season 2 Silver Solo icon
Season 2 Silver 3v3 icon
Season 2 Silver 5v5 icon
Season 2 Bronze bonus icon
Season 2 Diamond bonus icon

For Season 2, the elements on the cup represent the queue where it was earned, with the embellished base representing 5v5, the embellished top representing 3v3, and the center gem representing solo queue. The bonus icon has all of those elements as well as a much brighter background so that it looks unique even at smaller sizes.

As a reminder, the Season 2 icons will be earned by anyone who finishes their Ranked Solo placement matches or qualifies for rewards with a team this season, with the bonus icon going to anyone who earned an icon in all three queues. And the Season 1 icons will be given out to anyone who achieved Bronze or above during Season 1.

Anyway, hope you all enjoyed this glimpse of the reward icons, and I'll be back later this week with a preview of the profile banner trims and loading screen borders. Now, time for bed. "

Remember though, This doesn't cover all of the available icons for S2. Yegg reminded us, saying:
"No, there's 24 icons in total. Five icons for each of three queues in Season 2, plus the five bonus icons, plus four Season 1 icons. At most a single player can earn five of them if they achieved a tier in Season 1 as well as all three queues in Season 2."

 Update : Yegg tossed up more previews of various icons. Enjoy!

S2 Diamond Solo Icon.
Season 1 Platinum icon, Season 2 Platinum Solo icon, Season 2 Platinum bonus icon


  1. I am on 1213 elo i will get somting?

  2. yo moobeat, are you the one who recommends everything to google? cause if so i did too ^.^

    1. you know, the "+1 people Recommend this on Google" you aren't alone any more T.T. btw I love this blog your doing great things with it. keep it up :)

  3. If you ask me... Bronze icon looks way cooler then any of the silvers. HMMM.. Time to downrank? ;)

    1. the bronze is indeed way cooles than the silver one

    2. well remember that that particular bronze icon is the bonus one, for if you get bronze in all 3 queues, the silvers show each of the individual queues

  4. to be honest i was quite dissapointed at icons. I was expecting something else than trophies.

  5. Hmm they all look too similar... at least we get something tho. It is definitely an improvement award wise compared to S1. I am looking forward to the Janna skin tho... I hope it looks good.

  6. You must admit, this season gold isn't that hard to reach(especially with that top elo thingy). It's like last year's silver.