Honor is now live!

Posted on at 11:36 AM by Moobeat
The new Honor system is now live on NA servers ( and coming to EU later today )! For those unaware, this new project is focused around recognizing players who promote positive gameplay; a sort of opposite to the long implemented report system.
Continue reading for more information about the new system, as well as rehashing of the info available over on the Honor minisite.

Here is the announcement from Lyte about the launch of Honor:
"After every match-made game, you’ll have the ability to Honor both teammates and enemies. To give Honor, click the green “thumbs up” button in the post-game lobby. Clicking this icon for teammates will allow you to Honor them for being friendly, helpful or for showing great teamwork. You’ll even be able to give an Honorable Opponent mention to enemies that are respectful in either victory or defeat.
All summoners have a limited amount of Honor to hand out, which is replenished by finishing matchmade games. For the average, responsible user, you will probably never run out of Honor. However, players who spam or trade Honor will soon find themselves with nothing left in the bank to award. If you see players trading Honor, please report them using the “Spamming” report! Getting punished by the Tribunal for trading Honor or toxic behavior will reset a player’s Honor to zero across the board, however Honor can still be re-gained after the punishment has expired.

If you’re a real team player and find yourself earning Honor, you’ll notice the biggest gains will come from random players in matchmade games who have not Honored you before. While Honor is not a currency, it does equip players to recognize community members who make a positive impact. In the future, we plan on experimenting with potential bonuses for the most Honorable summoners."

If you navigate your way over to the Honor mini-site, you can read up on even more concerning the new project, including the categories you can Honor someone for, an example of what Honoring looks like post game, and a short FAQ. For those unable to access the site, here is a copy and paste version the information available:
At the end of every matchmade game, you'll have an opportunity to click a small thumbs up box to honor a positive player.
Here are the four categories you would honor another summoners for, three for teammates and one for opponents.
Here is an example of what honor will look like when displayed on your profile page. Notice there is a small icon attributed to each of the four categories mentioned above.
Lastly, here is the brief Honor FAQ, transcribed directly from the mini site.
1) When should I honor someone?
Anytime a player has really gone above and beyond to make your experience better, we encourage you to award Honor. Just select the "thumbs up" icon at the end-of-game screen and select the category that best describes their contribution to your game.

2) In which game modes can I receive Honor?
Currently, you can receive Honor in all matchmade games. Unfortunately, this does exclude Custom games, including those on the Proving Grounds.

Since Honor is supposed to be an unbiased reflection of your overall contribution to the community, we want to do everything possible to ensure your Honor comes from a random sampling of players like those found through matchmaking.

3) How much does my score increase each time I’m honored?
The amount of Honor you receive will depend on who honors you.
We designed Honor to reward you for being consistently awesome with a large number of players. As such, being honored by someone that you just met in a matchmade game will always award the most Honor.

4) Can I run out of Honor to distribute?
Yes. While you’re stocked with a generous quantity of Honor to hand out, the number is limited based on the number of games you play.

If you’re truly using Honor to responsibly reward players who went out of their way to make your experience better, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll ever run out. Trading or spamming Honor, however, is likely to make the well run dry, and you may need to play more matches to accrue new Honor to give out.

5) What is the significance of my Honor total?
Your total Honor represents your ongoing commitment to making games better for your fellow summoners. It’s not a currency, and you can’t spend it – we’re going to experiment with some potential bonuses to being an honorable summoner in the future.

6) How are you planning to combat Honor trading?
You can only distribute Honor following a matchmade game, so it will not be possible to set up games specifically to trade Honor. We also have a lot of math in place to track down players who might be trading Honor. Those who abuse the system may find themselves subject to disciplinary action.

7) What do I do if I see people trading or selling Honor?
Please report them! For now, we’ll be accepting reports for Honor trading under the “Spamming” category.

8) What happens to my Honor if I get punished by the Tribunal?
Getting punished by the Tribunal will knock your Honor back down to zero. However you can still accrue new Honor once your punishment has expired.

Who else was caught off guard by this launch? Considering Lyte was just talking about no ETAs and looking forward to more info later this week, I am quite pleasantly surprised! 


  1. que bosta =] pt - br

  2. Any clue when they are doing the name clean-up?

    1. Nope, Hippalus mentioned he was looking into it a week or so ago.

    2. Thanks for the heads up Moo! Love the info you guys put out.

  3. Hey guys, what do you think about the possibility that they create a new matchmaking system based not only on the elo (talking about normal) but honor too?
    Maybe honor only, or a mix of both, it could be nice if this works out as they want to!

    Btw, thanks for the constant info, keep it up ^^

  4. ...and I just had a great team that I would honor... damn >.>
    (Yes, an actual good team, non-premade!)

    1. Saaaaaaaaaaame, genuinely gutted i cant give them honor

  5. 17 wins and 100 honor? Cheater

  6. Iwont honor anyone for a week or so. People faking NO TY!!

    1. While I agree with you giving no honor will not encourage the fakers to become truthfully honorable.

  7. gg easy all the way

  8. what if i did something nice and they give me no honor?

  9. Nobody will ever give honor this way, at least there should be a popup asking if you want to give it to someone... most people wont notice the tiny green button.

    1. Then how to people notice the report button then?

  10. ^then you report them!

  11. I've been giving everyone honor from my smurf account, each and every match. lol. It takes a lot for me to view someone as a bad player though. and I'm just testing if they'll ban my smurf. can someone tell me why this is bannable anyways? it's not like it really matters or counts as currency for anything.

    1. Not yet it doesn't, but once the 1,000 honor points "carebear" Voli skin comes out it will be XD

  12. If anyone thinks trading imaginary fun guy points is going to improve the community you're sadly mistaken. This is another way for Riot to ensure people keep playing, it's a new thing to collect and achieve.

  13. all this useless features only make me think at the oglaf comics "show me your honor"