ETA on Skins/Icons, No Harrowing SR, and more

Posted on at 9:32 PM by Moobeat
How is everyone enjoying the new Twisted Treeline? Whether you love it or hate it, I'm glad you took a break to come check out this red post collection!
Continue reading for posts concerning the ETA of the new skins and summoner icons, the unfortunate announcement of no Harrowing theme for SR, why 3v3 ranked is still enabled on the updated map this close to the end of the season, and another preview of an item related change we can expect in the near future.

Sinster Summoner Icons and SI/Harrowing Skins ETA
 Hippalus swung by the forums to give us an update on when to expect the Sinister Summoner Icons to become available, saying:
"The Shadow Isles and Harrowing content was delayed a bit. The Summoner Icons should begin showing up in accounts during the day tomorrow. Additional icons that are earned will then appear within ten minutes."
Hippalus then mentioned the highly anticipated Shadow Isles and Harrowing skins, saying that they are hoping to get the skins out before the weekend:
"These situations change constantly which is why people try not to post information that may turn out not to be true. I know for sure now that the skins will not be released today. We're targeting to get them to you before the weekend. There is a chance that won't happen.

League of Legends is like a battleship with 800 sailors that is constantly getting new weapons and navigational upgrades while traveling at 25 knots. Everyone on the boat is working towards the best possible outcome but no one person knows everything or can predict exactly what will happen in the next battle. Or exactly when.

There is no other game that supports as many players in as many parts of the world, and so it is pointless to compare LoL to games that are much smaller but have more features or more reliable updates. Piloting a rowboat is easier and allows greater flexibility, but you'll still get crushed by the battleship."

No Harrowing Skin for Summoner's Rift
Last year's spooky Harrowing skin for Summoner's Rift
Traditionally when the Harrowing beings, Summoner's Rift would be outfitted with pumpkins, gravestones, and all sorts of holiday appropriate doodads.  Sadly, the grave news came today that there will be no Harrowing themed Summoner's Rift this year.

Here is Morello breaking the bad news:
"Sorry, no map skin for SR this year - we can't use the old ones since we updated SR, and we used the map art resources on the TT overhaul this time.

I do think these are cool, but it's not something we can add right now."
He also added in,
"The reskinning for SR was a months-long effort even on the old map.

And simply put, I know people would like both, but TT revamp was and is more important. Prioritization on game development!"
The New Twisted Treeline and Ranked 3v3
As it seems to be quite the topic of discussion, Volibar stopped by the forums to shed some light on the Ranked 3v3 situation now that the old map has been replaced.
"Ultimately we decided to extend the season from 10/23 to 11/6 to give everyone an opportunity to gain more rewards. Since you can't lose your highest ranking (and associated reward), instead of disabling Ranked for TT we decided to keep it enabled and collect feedback on the map to ensure that it's very competitive for Season 3."

%Armor Pen soon being calculated before Flat Armor Pen.
Within a long post about itemization, Phreak mentioned the S3 item changes will see flat and % armor penetration stacking the opposite of how they do now - % Armor pen will be applied first then flat armor pen will be applied - making them much more effective.
"What I can say, though, is that Season 3 has a lot of changes in store for assassins. Armor penetration is going to play nice with itself: % pen is going back before flat pen, meaning Brutalizer + Last Whisper just got a lot sexier, and overall, Pantheon and Talon are getting a lot happier. Flat resists got a bit more expensive, so they're going to do a better job against armor-splashing adc/mage/supports as well. Overall, it's going to be a nice change for the assassin role."


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    5. Am Online, is that english? You should take some vocabulary lessons young man, your current grammar levels are horrifically lacking :D

  2. Still, NO-ANON doesn't make any different Moobeat.

    1. It does to avoid links and spammers. First-posters aren't really the issue.

    2. I honestly find the first's more annoying. The anon's was entertaining.

    3. The anons posted so much pointless flaming that I am glad they are gone.

    4. Can he ban accounts from posting here?
      Yeah, you can make new e-mail, but I doubt anyone will make tens of accounts just to post "first".

    5. It makes a hell of a lot of difference.

      Most people never saw the fast amount of profane, racist, or otherwise unsavory comments we would have to delete EVERY DAY from S@20. There were upwards of 100 to 200 of these crappy comments each day and I haven't deleted a single comment since the removal of anon comments.

  3. I think the "%Armor Pen soon being calculated before Flat Armor Pen" is a bad Idea.
    They are slowly but surely boosting every AD casters in the game, while totally forgetting about the AP casters.

    If they do put this in the game, then after some time, buying armor against Talon, Riven, Yorick, Urgot (poor Urgot)... will be a bad Idea. People will have the only logical reaction : buying more health.

    Now, the two item countering health stacking are rather weak, and none of them are really compatible with an AD caster build. And Riot will have to add more and more champions hitting you for % of your max health or missing health, like many of the recent champions.

    To be honest, I'm starting to hate that mechanic.
    And I will hate it even more when I won't be able to itemize against it.

    1. They'll be overhauling all the items though, and we've already seen a sneak peak at that power with the new TT items. I'd have more faith in Riot, there's a lot of thing you're not factoring for, that they are. :)

    2. I have heard that they are doing the same for Magic pen.

  4. Is it just me or didn't Riot say that they would make a few changes to the top lane in Seasln 3? I havent seen anything or heard anything about it ever since :/

  5. I'd probably enjoy the new TT if I could even play it. Currently, the game seems to be broken for a large number of players with horrible FPS issues or lag. This entire patch seemed to be a botch job. No Harrowing items, playability issues, etc.

    Love this game and I'll love when I get to play it again. for now, I'm just pissed.

    1. Me and my friends haven't had any issues with Twisted Treeline. No lag, no FPS issues. I'm guessing it's an issue with your computer, not Twisted Treeline.

    2. Its definitely not a issue with his computer, if you read the forums AND the service status forums it shows that they have been having problems ever since the patch. I have almost the best laptop money could buy and its only 1 week old and really good internet. And im having problems as well too. Literally before the patch It was fine, and now it isnt. Period. Its issues with Riot. Some people are having problems some people aren't.

  6. this is not ok !!!
    RIOT u shouldn't start a tradition like harrowing and then spit on it, srsly why didn't u just delay shadow isles.. no time to make a harrowing makeover, have u heard the expression to take time? that's what u should have done over there at RIOT.. this is pissing many ppl off and disapoint even more... welll happy halloween everybody, i guess the harrowing died this year :(

    1. They said that they regret it but decided that the 3v3 Update is more important to them and i can see the point SR skin last for ~2 weeks but 3v3 is rather permanent also they cant really delay shadow islands since christmas is more or less near at least thats what i figure so cmon dont complain like a little kid no map skin for One year in exchange to a reworked map Plus more special skins than usual sounds pretty good to me

    2. They said that they regret it but decided that the 3v3 Update is more important to them and i can see the point SR skin last for ~2 weeks but 3v3 is rather permanent also they cant really delay shadow islands since christmas is more or less near at least thats what i figure so cmon dont complain like a little kid no map skin for One year in exchange to a reworked map Plus more special skins than usual sounds pretty good to me

  7. ok im in mad mode now, but this right after i read no harrowing, RIOT are u trying to make me sad ? :((

    It’s a very special night, yes, I do declare!

    The scent of pumpkin spices wafting through the air

    Warms my nose and fills my veins with bubbly delight.

    Come, Pix, fetch me my staff! For ‘tis Harrowing night

    And we must add some whimsy amongst all the fright!

    Candy bucket in hand, trick-or-treating we go—

    Time to knock on neighbors’ doors and wish them hello!

    Our quest begins at a labyrinthine corn maze, where Spectral Fiddlesticks waits in a maize-y haze. I think he just wants to listen to our scared squeals. His candy’s no fun; it isn’t corporeal! 260 RP
    Round and round and round this spiral driveway we go, up to a fortified stone garrison abode! Dreadknight Garen trades Demacian shouts for sweets; just beware his hedges – spinning blades aren’t a treat. 487 RP
    Watch out for shrooms! They’re not just a seasonal prank: Super Teemo’s power is super-fear of ganks. Take care, don’t trip (no, not that kind) as you walk in. You don’t want to get caught in the crosshairs of his blowgun! 487 RP

    Eek! Was that a dark ghost I just saw floating skyward?! It just shot up from among the dusty floorboards! Oh, it’s just Nocturne, with no need for a disguise. Let’s skip this house, Pix: this wraith only gives “fun size.” 487 RP
    Desecrated grounds teeming with noxious black blight…well, I never said it would be a pleasant sight. I wouldn’t come here if the rewards weren’t so fine. Varus may be cursed, but his homemade fudge? Divine! 487 RP
    Who waits in the decrepit house upon the hilltop? Shaco’s home, and his tricks are the best treats to swap! Forget sweets and coins! The Demon Jester knows best that it’s not Harrowing without a small stress test. 487 RP

    Whew, what a night—and what an epic stash to show!

    We’ll have a sugar rush, and still plenty to stow.

    It feels like there’s just one thing that has slipped my mind…

    Of course! How silly! I can’t believe I forgot:

    Without some cupcakes, this Harrowing is for naught!

    And I believe I see, if my eyes do not cheat,

    That YOU will make a delicious frosted baked treat!

    Don’t worry! You won’t feel it; there’s no need to whine:

    It only lasts October 26 to 29! so all this to get me in the mood for harrowing which aint comin this year ???? only me who feels like this sale is a big slap to the face ?

  8. What a let down no Holloween Summoner's Rift theme , and that's 1 of the main reasons ppl are waiting for and the so called skins don't have a planned time to be release. Even after the so called "big" patch so much down time to listens to this news is very disappointing when other games have it all up for there customers(players) look at Guild wars 2 content omg what a pity.
    To be honest who cares about 3v3 compared to 5v5? map when most ppl do 5v5 don't get me wrong upgrades are good buy ppl more interested in Holloween content than an upgraded 3v3 map.

    1. I completely agree with this, instead of rushing a buggy new TT with somewhat stupid mechanics they should work on Halloween content

  9. I'm just going to go with the flow, whenever anything comes up on the client its comes lol. Look at the weekly sale on Friday, not my taste in skins but there could have been better. Sorry ppl I'm a frank person I say it as it is.

  10. Moobeat can you bring back anonymous comments?

    1. NO ANON COMMENTS. It makes life so much easier on Surrender. If they wanna comment, then they can use any of the accounts. I'm just using my gmail :P

  11. But.. But... What about the ward skins??? ;(;(;(

  12. Replies
    1. I don't. I haven't deleted a single comment in the past few days, compared to the nearly 200 I'd delete daily.

  13. Elise ans the skin has just arrive rigth now.

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    1. I literally just wasted all my RP on that ONE skin.....THIS IS BULLSHIT RIOT. Nerf the community for the stupid vote they made. Too OP. Go swipe mommy's credit card.

  15. Hey:) im EU player and the servers aint up. Can someone list the new skin and the price on them? I know brand is legendary, but what about the other 5?

  16. I am uncertain of what I am to think of the change in the Armour Calculation.

    By doing so, they are essentially buffing the damage output for any given amount of armour, at least according to my calculations.

    The formula for damage reduction by armour in LoL is equal to;

    D = 100/(100+P(A-F)), where D is damage reduction, P is percentage Armour Pen, A is Armour and F is Flat Armour Pen. The new formula would make it:

    100/(100+PA - F) = Damage Reduction of Physical Attacks

    In the case of Brutalizer + Last Whisper + Weapon Expertise (10% Armour Pen). Percentage Armour Penetration stacks by multiplication and will thus make the total P equal; 0.6(1-0.1) = P --> P = 0.54 (thus 46% Armour Penetration). Brutalizer grants one a total of +15 Flat Armour Penetration.We apply these values to our two formulas:

    1. D = 100 / (100+0.54(A - 15)) --> D = 100 / (100 + 0.54A - 8.1)
    D = 100 / (91.9 + 0.54A)

    2. D = 100 / (100+0.54A - 15) --> D = 100 / (85 + 0.54A) , D is damage reduction.

    As we can see by the formulae, it does not matter what amount of Armour you have, any given physical attack will deal more damage with the second formula without any regard to the stacked amount of Armour.

    Though the damage difference will differ by the amount of armour, given the largest difference by low Armoured targets (which I believe is intended), it is still a fact that all physical attacks with this combination will deal more damage without regards to any amount of Armour. To add another point, magical damage remains the same which will result in an even wider chasm between the AP magical based champions and the AD physical based.

    Though I see the point of strengthening the AD Assassin role (Kha'Zix, Talon, Pantheon etc.) I still fail to see why one should allow them to deal increased damage against all targets, regardless of Armour. Additionally, I see some few problems with leaving the formula for Magic Penetration the same.

    Although I am sceptical, I will still await this change and see if this turns out for the worse or better.

    1. D = 100/(100+P(A-F)), where D is damage reduction, P is percentage Armour Pen, A is Armour and F is Flat Armour Pen.
      I think is like 100/{100+[A-(A*P)-F]} Although I'm not completely sure about it, the Important part is if this will put the Carry AD again on the Top Meta game, would do it, would the meta game be the carry AD grow? If items are going to be balanced, if Solo top will be nerfed, would that put the Fighter out of the top meta game??

    2. My source is LoL Wiki (search for "LoL Wiki Armor Penetration" and "LoL Wiki Armor") which states that the damage multiplier, that is Damage Reduction, works according to this formula. Although there are additional factors in there, known as "Flat Armour Reduction" and "Percentage Armour Reduction".

      As I have understood it, reduction can reduce the target's Armour below 0 while Armour Penetration cannot.

      There are a few AD Carries that would benefit greatly from this change and also some AD Bruisers (and those in-between, such as Urgot).

      Indeed, this would grant a more beneficial use of Armour Penetration for ranged heroes versus the Bruisers and Fighters that you commonly find taking top. Still, many of these contains strong initation skills, sustain or powerful harass. Additionally, most of them would also benefit from the change due to the fact that most meta-game solo tops deals a majority of physical damage.

      The only ones who would receive an increased probability of falling out of the Top Meta game are those who lacks any of these things, lacks way of retaliation versus a Ranged AD or do not benefit from this change.

      Still, I see the rising problem with the AD role even stronger. We will just have to wait and see how such a change would turn out.

    3. All I know is: as armour pen currently is Last wispers passive will always increase your damage delt by 12%(varrying by no more than 1%). This is regaurdless of your flat armour pen.

      So realy the change isn't making % reduction stronger, but the flat reduction added after. Before flat pen(Example: 20) was only better than LW if the enemy had less than 250% of the amount(Example: 50), and only worth building on AD casters with low scaling ratios.

  17. no SR harrowing sucks but i can deal, riot done a damn gj on TT and as for all these other changes im excited to see whats going to happen because right now with top lane being the priority its just not that good this bruiser happy lol needs a good change

  18. are there any updates to nida? i'm patching right now and it's downloading files with her and her skins names in it

    1. Nah, I noticed that too in the manifest. Maybe next patch :)

    2. hopefully a new "face" in game, I mean she is one of the top priority to the "facial Remake"

  19. just a random comment to test my google account, move along

  20. just a random comment to test my google account, move along

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    1. Sry,
      dear Moobeat is Riot going to put some special harrowing runes ?

  22. So the awesome reskin of SR, which was one of the things I was most looking forward to this month since it is the first Harrowing I've been with the game for, was unable to come about because they replaced TT, which I had found fun and interesting, with a new map, which always seems to devolve into "Dominion-Lite" every 90 seconds.

    This month has sucked.