World Championship Hotfix Notes + Patch Preview

Posted on at 4:15 PM by Moobeat
edit: The hotfix has been deployed! Enjoy!

Behold the World Championship hotfix notes and overview! This upcoming "patch" is labelled as a hotfix because, as the name implies, shouldn't require maintenance and is aimed only at balance changes and bug fixes, not facilitating new content.

Here is the hotfix overview, detailing the thought process behind most of the bigger changes.
Continue reading for the full hotfix notes, covering changes not mentioned in the overview.

Here are the full hotfix patch notes:

"In the upcoming hotfix, we'll be releasing the final balance changes which will set the stage for the Season 2 World Championship next month. Watch the World Championship Hotfix Overview to learn more about the changes to Yorick, Vladimir, Caitlyn, Miss Fortune, Ziggs, Rengar, and the Tribunal !

  • Fixed a bug where Glacial Storm's slow was stacking with Flash Frost


  • Piltover Peacemaker
    • Damage falloff per subsequent target reduced to 10% from 15%
    • Minimum damage increased to 50% from 40%
  • 90 Caliber Net can no longer be cast while rooted


  • Bulwark is now castable during Idol of Durand


  • Bladesurge no longer fails to refresh or grant mana return when killing certain enemies


  • Thundering Blow mana cost increased to 40/50/60/70/80 from 40 at all ranks


  • Sapling Toss explosion particle can no longer be seen though fog of war

Miss Fortune

  • Strut
    • Out of combat activation time reduced to 5 seconds from 7
    • Ramp up time to reach max speed reduced to 5 seconds from 13
  • Bullet Time
    • Windup time significantly reduced
    • Mana cost reduced to 100 from 150


  • Cougar form attack range increased to 125 from 100


  • Rengar can no longer speak his VO lines when he is dead
  • Unseen Predator
    • After leaping, Rengar will now immediately attack the target if it is a Champion
    • Jumping between targets is now smoother
    • Unseen Predator now correctly shows up in death recap
  • Savagery
    • Damage increased to 30/60/90/120/150 from 30/55/80/105/130
    • The attack speed bonus now applies to his first attack after activation
  • Battle Roar
    • No longer has a cast time (can be cast while moving)
    • Ability power ratio reduced to 0.8 from 1
    • Rengar no longer loses his attack command after using Battle Roar
  • Bola Strike
    • Now procs Sheen/Trinity Force/Lich Bane
  • Thrill of the Hunt
    • Movement Speed bonus increased to 20/25/30% from 10/15/20%


  • Base movement speed increased to 305 from 300


  • Tides of Blood damage reduced to 60/85/110/135/160 from 60/90/120/150/180


  • Crushing Blow now grants an additional 125 Attack Range for the attack
  • Fixed a bug with Crushing Blow that would cause it to cancel when chasing an enemy


  • Locus of Power can now be cast while rooted


  • Ghoul base movement speed at level 1 reduced to 300 from 350 (Ghouls gain movement speed as Yorick levels and will reach the same max movement speed as before by level 12)
  • Ghouls no longer block pathing for enemies
  • Omen of Pestilence mana cost increased to 55/60/65/70/75 from 40/45/50/55/60


  • Satchel Charge
    • Knockback range on Ziggs has increased
    • Knockup height on enemies has increased
  • Mega Inferno Bomb
    • Secondary damage increased to 80% from 75%


  • Blessing of the Lizard Elder damage now displays properly in death recap"


  1. Replies
    1. To bad he is suppose to be played as an AD tanky champ.

    2. and yet they claim they are trying to PROMOTE variety in builds. So why do they keep nerfing build options they don't like into oblivion.

    3. It's easier for them to balance champs when they have limited builds. It's a shitty reason to do it, but that's basically what it is.

    4. its not like ap rengar worked lategame anyways practically useless. Kinda like zile he can do massive burst early, but lategame he is just throwing bombs and rezzing 1 guy and most of the time himself.

    5. Actually AP Rengar is still viable. The ratio isn't that much reduced but look at his E. It procs lich bane. That can be another source of damage.

    6. What's wrong with people? This champion was released to be played as ad, ad/tanky, not ap. Yes riot said they want diversity, but going ap is just going over the cross in my opinion, yes it might be fun but it ruins the game, because it's not how you should play him.

      Same shit with people going tryn ap, pointless.

    7. look it up on youtube

      SivHD played a hilarious ap rengar

      Lane Lion Police !

    8. It's like no one noticed how may buffs her got- no cast time, damage increases, proc increases, attack allowances increases, and a .2 ratio drop still doesn't drop his base skill ratio damage- so I still think people will play it.

  2. Wow. I thought the Rengar buffs were already good, but almost every complaint I had about his QoL changes have been fixed. Ohhhhh boy is this gonna be fun :3

  3. MF needed those buffs. She needs more love :S

  4. guys, around 3:30 what is the janna skin, could it be the new janna skin coming out soon???

  5. Just tried out Rengar.
    Way better, the hotfix really made the difference.

  6. Replies
    1. You mean that monstrosity they showed off? Good, keep it off my client

    2. i belive its included in patch :D

  7. I like the MF ulti buff, she might be played a bit more now. :D

  8. I was a little bit skeptical of the missfortune changes on the PBE but seeing the addition of the windup time on her ult, and the rate of increase on her passive it actually might be enough.

    i still wish they would bump it back to 7 seconds and make it ignore minion damage like teemos move quick but W/e well see how it goes.

    rengar changes are significatly stronger than the PBE was letting on.

    and the sachel charge buff for ziggs was exactly what is asked for in the PBE comments, sachel charge is easily his weakest skill buff to it are a good start.

    just goes to show PBE is never the finaly tally of all the changes being made.
    its a shame vayne didnt have any extra unmentioned changes but playing it safe when buffing a snowball carry on a tournament patch is probably a prudent move.

  9. Nidalee!<3 finaly some love to the best champ (:

    1. Yeah, better than nothing. Nidalee is my favorite, buut she still needs some work though so kids won't whine when you go mid. >.<

    2. Shes one of the oldest champs and cougar form is super clunky as a result, infact when i joined the game at release it was a nudalee free week so she was the first champ i ever play like 3 years ago.

  10. Just delete MF already..

    She clearly isn't going to get any changes on her Ratios nor give her passive a proper tuning which would increase her playability.

    Honestly, why play a AD carry who gets increased move speed instead of another who has damage bonus + Movespeed or one who gains more armor during fights.

    Hierarchy right?

    1. Well double up is independant of her attack timer so in trades you can attack, double up, attack in a very small window, meanwhile impure shots is on hit magic damage + attackspeed + grievous wounds. This together leads to a very solid mid game presents.

    2. Also the time it takes to reach max speed is 10 down from 20 what kind of "propper tuneing" do you want cause thats not too shabby.

    3. You can't deny that her ult is one of the most dangerous for an ADC, an AoE massive damage ult. If your team is locked down and she goes nuts, it's pretty scary lol.

    4. She has the highest sustained damage of all the adc's - draven has the highest only if he catches his axes. U can't run from an mf if her passive is up, she shuts down healers ,vamp, lifesteal, and regen champs, with her passive getting improved- she just needs 1 good juke and her make it rain and no one will ever catch her. Not To mention more ult buffs.

    5. miss fortune is FAR from the highest sustain damage lets compare and see why your way off shall we.

      missfortunes base stats are pretty average and her main steroid is impure shots, this is 12 stacking to 4 magic damage on hit and can be activated for 50% attackspeed for 6 seconds.

      first up is graves, graves has a lower than normal base attackspeed, but his AD per level is higher to compensate, quickdraw gives him 70% attackspeed for 4 seconds and the cooldown is reduced from attacks, with a final build graves can keep it going forever.

      next is tristana, her stats are also pretty average, rapid fire gives her 90% attackspeed for 7 seconds, much stronger than the 48 on hit magic damage.

      then twitch his base attackspeed is very good he gains 70% attackspeed for 5 seconds from his Q and 36 bonus AD from his ult. his passive provides a true damage poison.

      now kogmaw, his attackspeed per level is strong, her gets 30% passive attackspeed from his Q, and his W makes him deal 6% max HP as magic damage.

      finaly we have vayne, her AD per level and attackspeed per level are well above average, she gains 55 bonus AD from her ultimate, and she deals 60 + 8% of the enemies max HP as bonus true damage evbery third hit.

      not only are you wrong but its actualy the exact opposite MF sustain dps is one of the lowest of the carries, shes only a clear winner against ashe, caitlynn and varus. shes about even with corki and ezreal. and of course is outperformed by the ones i listed above. honestly what makes you think missfortunes sustain DPS is "the highest" shes not even in the top 50%.

    6. Varus is like an MF + Ashe hybrid. I believe that maxing his W is quite strong. He can trigger his 3 W stacks twice in an exchange. W's maxed on hit damage is 26 and each stack drains 5% hp which can mean 30% altogether. I know the point was damage, not utility, but his utility is also quite high. Ulti similar to ECA, E applying slow and healing reduction debuff. Q can secure frags.. I kinda like him even though he is not as strong as Corki and Graves or Ezreal

    7. Oh and you forgot about Corki being able to shred armor and his passive dealing 10 per cent additional true damage to champions and minions. With 300 AD and critting for 750 damage (without resistances calculated into that) this can deal additional 75 true damage per hit late game. Don't forget about the utilization of TF combined with his ulti which lets him dish out monstrous damage.

      PS. Varus' passive gives him a 40% AS buff upon getting an assist/kill for 6 seconds. Quite strong too, because in all likelihood he will be able to maintain this passive throughout a teamfight where several guys die until his death :>

    8. as of last patch corkis passive no longer benefits from critical strikes.

  11. MF didnt really need those buffs. She's already pretty damn awesome! <3

    1. If by "awesome" you mean weak and under used according to statistics and popular opponion, then yes she was very "awesome".

      Trust me she needed these badly. I know ill get some "my personal score blah blah blah" or "it just takes skill which im the only one who has it blah blah" but just trust me the numbers dont lie shes weak in the public and undesirable at the competitive level, and obviusly riot thinks so too.

    2. people just dont how to play her, thats all

    3. Oh man did i call it or what "just takes more skill blah blah blah" i nailed it.

      When TSM made their EU E and EU W accounts reginald forced everyone to play weird champ until they hit platnum. He made ChaoX play MF for like 2 weeks straight and as soon as it was no longer required he dropped her like a bad habit. Do you think chaox "didnt know how to play her"

      "playing her" isnt hard she doesnt have any complex mechanics or difficult controls, shes simply a weak carry. There are millions of players and dozens of proffesional teams if she had any merrit dont you think wed have found out about it?

      The no one knows to play arguement holds no water for any champion.

  12. Hahaha oh you such a prankster this guy, thats a good one, my sides hurt keep up the comedy gold.