Update on the Korean Regionals

Posted on at 7:57 PM by Seranaya
We're halfway through the Korean Regionals and we have progressed to the top three places.
Continue reading to catch an update on all the action as the excitement continues!
So far, CJ Entus has taken 5th place and Incredible Miracle has taken 4th place. I'm having major issues finding any VODs for these games, so if you happen across them, post below and let me know where. This is what your current bracket looks like:
CJ Entus vs Incredible Miracle
CJ Entus
Game 1
    CJ Entus           vs       Incredible Miracle
Karthus       AP Mid         Orianna
Corki      AD Carry       Graves
Sona         Support        Leona
Malphite      Top                Olaf
Amumu        Jungle           Maokai
This game was very much in favour of LG.IM. They dominated from the start with first blood and continued it throughout the game by trading exceptionally well in team fights. That Olaf was unstoppable every fight while running directly for CJ's Corki and taking him down with ease. It almost seemed as if CJ wasn't worried about the force that was Olaf vs an AD carry.

Game 2
    CJ Entus           vs       Incredible Miracle
Malzahar       AP Mid         Orianna
Corki      AD Carry       Graves
Soraka         Support        Leona
Jayce             Top         Vladimir
Lee Sin        Jungle            Olaf
This game was filled with some really intense siege on IM's towers. CJ Entus received first blood early with a very cheeky ward over the baron wall by Malzahar. Lee Sin hopped over and killed Olaf while he was attempting his red buff. CJ had a Soraka with promote, and with that massive minions help, CJ managed to kill the first mid tower before the four minute mark. The top tower followed shortly after when Malzahar and Soraka rotated top lane. This constant mana feed to the Malzahar continued as they moved to the bottom lane and took that tower, giving them 3 towers total, by the 11 minute mark! This constant tower pushing pretty much continued all game and CJ took the win. What a different strategy! Very cool.

Game 3
            CJ Entus           vs       Incredible Miracle
Kassadin       AP Mid         Karthus
Graves      AD Carry       Ashe
Leona         Support        Alistar
Malphite             Top         Singed
Dr. Mundo        Jungle         Udyr
This game was quite standard in terms of how it played out. After Kassadin dying for first blood, things went downhill for CJ. A few dragon fights went heavily in LG.IM's favour. Singed was being Singed by running around taking towers without a care in the world, as per usual. After two ace's on LG.IM's part, CJ decided to surrender.

Game 4
                   CJ Entus       vs         Incredible Miracle
Karthus         AP Mid           Ahri 
Tristana      AD Carry         Corki
Taric          Support        Lulu
Irelia               Top           Malphite
Twisted Fate?        Jungle        Nocturne
A very interesting Twisted Fate pick in the jungle. TF and Taric got first blood in the top lane by landing a really great combo on Malphite. Him and Taric spent the game wandering around trying to gank from the jungle. A really great death bush by LG.IM near the dragon left them really ahead after they picked up 4 kills to their 1 death. The next dragon fight ended in an Ace in LG.IM's favour. After two more Aces, LG.IM took the game.

NaJin Sword vs Incredible Miracle
NaJin Sword

Game 1
        NaJin Sword       vs         Incredible Miracle
Gragas         AP Mid           Kassadin
Ezreal      AD Carry         Graves
Sona          Support        Lulu
Jayce             Top           Vladimir
Skarner        Jungle        Alistar
This game had a really great performance by both Vladimir and Alistar from LG.IM. Vladimir pushed down towers all game like a boss and the crazy Alistar initiation that we all know and love was just too much to handle. Incredible Miracle takes games 1.

Game 2
        NaJin Sword       vs         Incredible Miracle
Karthus           AP Mid           Ahri
Ezreal         AD Carry         Graves
Sona           Support             Lulu
Malphite               Top              Irelia
Maokai          Jungle            Nocturne

Game 3
        NaJin Sword       vs         Incredible Miracle
Ryze           AP Mid           Diana
Ezreal         AD Carry         Corki
Zyra           Support             Sona
Rengar             Top              Malphite
Maokai          Jungle            Amumu
These two games were very standard and both went as a win to NaJin Sword. NS was running very intense crowd control combos that decimated IM's team. In game 3, AP Rengar was played by NaJin Sword and IM didn't really have an answer for his damage. AP Rengar op!

Game 4
        NaJin Sword       vs         Incredible Miracle
Ryze           AP Mid           Karthus
Ezreal         AD Carry         Ashe
Leona           Support             Sona
Irelia             Top              Jax
Maokai          Jungle            Udyr
This game began quickly for NaJin Sword with a very fed Ezreal. Udyr fell really far behind because of a way too long of a wait for a gank top lane. Maokai got so far ahead which eventually won them the game.

Each match has gone 3-1 for the winning team so far. Let's see if that trend continues with the Xenics Storm vs NaJin Sword game.

Xenics Storm will play NaJin Sword on September 19th at 6:30am EST for a chance at the grand final round. The grand finals vs Azubu Blaze will be held on September 21st at 6:30am EST. Here's a good place to watch! I'll have a longer, more detailed post once this tournament is complete and we have a full lineup for the Season 2 World Championships!


  1. Thought there is not Diana in Regional

  2. So THEY get to use Diana. Inconsistent Riot is inconsistent.

    1. They made the statement before they nerfed Diana.

  3. Seranaya, did you say you were having trouble finding the VOD's? You can watch them here http://www.ognlol.com but you have to sign in. On the main page.

  4. That TF, he popped out of the jungle and was all like "HUEHUEHUEHUE"