SEA Regionals, World Championships, TSM Invitational #8

Posted on at 1:47 PM by Seranaya

Now that we have our team from Southeast Asia for the Season 2 World Championships, we're almost ready!
Here's a photo of the SEA regionals crowd courtesy of Phreak on Twitter
Want to know who won? Keep on reading!

The Saigon Jokers have secured their place in the World Championships by winning first place in the Regionals this weekend. A huge congratulations to them!

They reigned supreme over the Singapore Sentinels in the grand finals match that went 2-1. Now let's see exactly which teams are qualified for the World's in October. I have the VOD for the grand finals game between SGS and SJ here:

Season 2 World Championships
Here's a list of the teams currently qualified for S2WC by region:
North America
  • Team SoloMid
  • Team Dignitas
  • CLG Prime
  • Moscow Five
  • SK Gaming
  • CLG EU
  • World Elite
  • Invictus Gaming
  • Taipei Assassins
Southeast Asia
  • Saigon Jokers
  • Azubu Frost
  • TBD*
*This team is yet to be determined. The Korean championship is on September 21st

The world championships have a format of all eight teams being divided into groups of 4 for the group stage. The group stage matches are going to be played as round robin best of one matches. The best two teams from each bracket will move on to the grand finals which will be played as a best of five match. I can't wait!

TSM Invitationals #8
This weekend also included Team SoloMid Invitationals #8! The stream is HERE. This week's tournament boasted some really great teams in the bracket:
  • Team SoloMid
  • UnderRated Gaming
  • Team Dynamic
  • Orbit Gaming
  • Curse Gaming
  • Chuuper's Troopers
  • QCTW
  • Team MRN
  • mMe.Ultimus
Here's the current bracket!
Here's the timeline for the rest of the matches today:
10:00 AM PT1:00 PM ETLoser Bracket Round 3Main Stream
12:30 PM PT3:30 PM ETWinner Bracket FinalsMain Stream
Loser Bracket Round 4
3:00 PM PT6:00 PM ETLoser Bracket FinalsMain Stream
5:30 PM PT8:30 PM ETGrand FinalsMain Stream
A happening of note in this event was during the games between TSM and Curse gaming. Both teams seemed to be DDOSed at the same time. This caused the game to be restarted. I'll have an update on this post later tonight when we find out who wins the TSM Invitationals.

***Update on TSM Invitationals*** Curse has just forfeit their last best of three match against Team SoloMid for first place. This leave TSM as the winner of this weekend's TSM Invitationals.


  1. Dont really understand the point of people wanting to DDOS people, do they really just want to see the world burn or see pain or irritation of others?

  2. I guess so =/ It makes me sad because TSM was actually up in that first game. Who knows what the result would have been? Curse just took the first game off of TSM.

  3. Any idea where I can get that art from the twitch stream?

    1. Screenshot it. Just thinking aloud...

    2. it was in the showcase. i'll look it up


      Found it on the official LoL-Facebookpage!

  4. 8 teams?But there are 12 teams in the season 2 championship

    1. I believe 4 of the teams (the first place ones for the four major regions) get a buy-in to the finals

  5. LOL Wow SEA competitiveness is better than expected O.o

  6. Such a shame that Singapore Sentinels Lost.