Recap of Redbeard's AMA about the Season Two Finals

Posted on at 6:57 PM by Moobeat
RedBeard, Riot's Vice President of eSports, took to reddit to host an Ask Me Anything about the Season 2 World Championship Playoffs and Finals.
Continue reading to see a recap of some of the more interesting answers, including information about what services will be used to stream, when we can expect the Riven icon/skin, additional ticket availability, and more!

For your convenience, I've prefaced each answer with a quick summation of the topic RedBeard is responding to. enjoy!

[ On the availability of VODs ] "Yes - we will be posting the VODs on youtube"

[ On which streaming services will be offered ] "Twitch and Own3D, and users will be able to toggle to their preferred choice"

[ Regarding teams using sound proof equipment or booths ] "We are doing soundproof headsets as opposed to sound proof booths - we like having the players be part of the atmosphere and more engaged with the audience. They will be wearing soundproof headsets, similar to what helicopter pilots wear (no joke)."

[ On when we can expect some sort of an ELO reset ] "October 23rd..."

[ On the time zones being weird for different regions ] "It is very sad that we could not accommodate all three regions (North America, Europe and Asia). Keep in mind this is a live event in the US, so there is really no ideal time."

[ On if the teams were comp'd rooms, travel, and similar expensises for the event ] "Yes - we want to make sure the teams are taken care of for this event. These guys have put in an incredible amount of effort and dedication into our game, and it's the least we can do. We also have some fun stuff lined up for them in between the Playoffs and Finals."
[ On releasing additional tickets  for the World Championship ] "We are trying our best to make some more room in the venue for an additional set of tickets. Stay tuned, we will keep everyone posted. Should have an answer very soon on that."

[ On the Championship Riven icon code ] "The code will be distributed live during the finals"

[ More on the Championship Riven icon code ] "We will have a system where it will be one code, and anyone watching can redeem in redemption period which will immediately follow the broadcast."

[ On the availability of the Championship Riven skin] "It will be temporarily for sale shortly after the Championship...and in all regions."

He signed off by mentioning we should look forward to an updated S2 Finals FAQ in the near future.


  1. When they say after the championship for the Riven, do they mean they mean after the finals on October 13th?

  2. Wait so we get a skin if we just watch is that how it's going?

    1. No, just the summoner icon (a la Pulsefire Ezreal's thing).

  3. oh my god, hear my calling moo, remove anon posting rights

  4. ^ what that bro said. Yes, I am aware of my anon status. I am lazy.

  5. Is the Riven icon gonna be available for EU regions as well?