New North American Absolute Legends Team!

Posted on at 9:31 PM by Seranaya
Absolute Legends announced today that they were picking up a new North American team!
Read on to find out who is making up the brand new roster.

The former team of Absolute Legends NA has been dropped from the roster because of some conflicts stated here:
"lineup stability issues and lack of results from the team" - according to the announcement article made by Lethal here.
In case you don't want to click on that link up there, here's a copy of the new team roster and their respective streams from the article. These guys used to play under the banner "QCTW". Your new Absolute Legends NA roster is:

  •  Daniel "Spellsy" Biery - Support Stream
  • Robert "robertxlee" - AD Carry Stream
  • Orie "YoDa" Guo - Jungle Stream
  • George "Zekent" Liu - Top Stream
  • Andrew "Slooshi" Pham - AP Mid Stream
I'm excited Spellsy has been picked up by a new pro team and I really hope they attend a ton of tournaments! It's well deserved as he's a really great support player. This is a team to keep an eye on and I can't wait to see how they play together as a team and perform in future LAN events they may enter.

Here's the old lineup of AL NA that has been dropped:
  • Joshua "Jpak" Pak - Support
  • Kevin "KikoMePlease" Wu - Top
  • Choi " No 1 INC" Joo-young - AP Mid
  • Zachary "SnEaKyCaStRoO" Scuderi - AD Carry
  • Joshua "LegendaryJosh" Ong - Jungle
Good luck to these guys, and may they be picked up by another team or organization soon.


  1. seen them play lately through streams, mostly during the solomid invitational. Was so wierd suddenly seeing three of the streamers i was watching having found common ground. (and i dont follow that many streamers, so the chances made this even wierder.)
    Robert and spellsy have been a duo bot on and off for some while now too, whenever sunjo isnt around that is :P

  2. they expect to win with Spellsy?

  3. Zekent top! =D *PleaseplayPoppyPleaseplayPoppyPleaseplayPoppy*

  4. So my important question is: Are these players polite gentlemen? I just can't get behind any of the current teams because they all end up acting arrogant and rude...

    1. You should check out Zekent since he's really polite.

    2. Zekent is nice and Spellsy is usually very nice too.

  5. Maybe one day Rob and Spellsy will do Corki + Leona and I'll be so happy.