Golden Joystick Award and a 10 win IP Boost

Posted on at 9:25 PM by Moobeat
Want a chance to support League of Legends AND snag us all FREE 10 WIN IP boosts?!? Go on and vote for League of Legends here and here or  you can read Romulus's small post about the matter:
"League of Legends is up for two awesome awards and we need your help! The GDC Online Audience Award and Golden Joystick Best MMO Award, now including MOBAs, will both be handed out soon. Share your LoL love and vote for us to win.

If we win the NA-based GDCO award, we’ll celebrate by giving every NA player a 10-win IP Boost. If we win the EU-based Golden Joystick, every EU player will receive the same. Help your fellow summoners across the pond nab their reward; it only takes a minute to vote for both.

The deadline for GDCO is September 14 and Golden Joystick ends soon, so vote now!"


  1. There is a place to be held, and this is the place where said holding appears to be occurring, for the sake of holding places

  2. both are the same links :c


    looks like lol's not getting my vote.

  4. One of the biggest game award only worth a 10 win IP boost? I'm very disappointed... EVE got my vote