Arcade Sona Mini Contest ( CLOSED )

Posted on at 10:39 PM by Moobeat
 ( This contest is now OVER. Thanks for entering! The winner & honorable mentions can be found at bottom of post )

Thanks to a very generous fan, I recently received handful of PAX Prime codes to giveaway. I've already gave away several Riot Graves codes earlier on Twitter and Facebook but I do have a lone Arcade Sona left and I wanted to hold a fun, short duration contest for it.
I'm going to do things a little different since a few of you guys have been asking me to give away codes in a bit more of a "traditional way", i.e something that boils down to more than who copy and pasted the code first.

To enter this giveaway, you will need to think up an idea for really awesome skin! That's all; simple and quick! Once you have your idea, whether it's just a name like "Bearded Teemo" or a description like "A Teemo with a beard who puts down fists that uppercut people when they step on them", just choose one of the following two ways to tell me about it.

  1. Send it to me in a tweet. If you are unfamiliar with twitter, just type something like "@moobeat my skin idea is Nasus wearing a dress cuz he would look silly". ( edit: DO NOT SEND ME THIS SKIN IDEA YOU DERPS, MAKE YOUR OWN! )
  2. Include it in a comment on this Facebook post.

To keep it fair, only the first entry from each person will be looked at. This means no spam suggesting skins! Quality > Quantity!

To decide who wins, I'll be picking my personal favorite out of all the submissions. I almost always give away stuff  at randomly so this is going to be a fun little change for me!  I'll run the contest for about a day and pick a winner on 9/4 around 7 PM PST. I'll either direct message the winner on Twitter or message them on Facebook. 
If you win this contest, me and you would become Arcade Sona buddies! HOW COOL!
Thanks for entering and PREPARE TO PLEASE LORD MOOBEAT <3!


The winner is Chris Mitchell! He entered on Facebook with the idea
"zombie olaf: when he throws his axe his arm flies off with it, he grunts when he uses his reckless swing, and when he activates his ulti he yells "braaaaains!"

As a bonus, here are a handful of honorable mentions! I had over 1.3k entries so this is just a small sampling of some of my favorites.

Twitter :

@charlie434444: "@moobeat my skin idea is "Water gun Graves" His buckshot shoots a wave of water his smokescreen is a sprinkler and his ult is a waterballon"

@mmmmarkgo: "@moobeat Candy Teemo: He shoots little gum balls, and for shrooms are candy. Who doesn't love candy?!"

@jhontheunmortal: "@moobeat Ringmaster Yorick. Circus master outfit for him, ghouls become attractions (e.g. clowns). Ult is exploding balloon double."

@DXCharger: "@moobeat "Ready to Rumble" His harpoon can be a boxing glove and makes a little "ding-ding" sound whenever it hits."

@wingthree: "@moobeat Pax Maokai. throws explosive 20sided dice :D"

@ZullRyokun: "@moobeat Shaman King Trundle . That bad boy would have a Tiki Doll shaped club and he summons Totems instead of Pillers He deserves love."

@dominicscala: "@moobeat Pilgrim Swain as a Thanksgiving skin. Turns into a giant turkey for ulti. Mashed potatoes and gravy for nevermove"

@oldmanwithrz: "@moobeat The Cake is a Lie Kassadin. Kassadin would be re-imaged to be white robot. He would jump through small portals for his ult."

@loismen: "@moobeat Apple Tree Mordekaiser: He is made of wood with an apple tree as a weapon and all his abilities have leaves and apples bouncing."

@The_Majestic_Ke: "@moobeat Skin idea: Gentleman Tryndamere. On-kill: "Where there is a killings there's a schilling!" Joke: " Lets engage in fisticuffs"

@pacman1up: "@moobeat Biker-Chick Sejuani She rides around on a Hog (Motercycle) Her Q does a wheelie Her W/E is exhaust smoke. She holds a chain weapon"

David Ortiz Pre-Evil Veigar: Veigar, the tiny master of spellbinding. Upon Selection: What spells shall we cast today? hehehehe. Attacking: Give up! I don't want to hurt you. I will cleanse your soul! I'm not evil, stop getting mad! I can see the good in your heart. Your evil spirit will be released! Movement: Yes! To victory! hehehe. I smell evil. Taunt: Don't let the darkness in your soul devour you. Joke: What's fun sized and pale and is about to punish your evil soul! Q: Shoots a pulse of clear energy that smites evil-doers. W: Summons a spell binding circle that stuns evil-doers that touch the outside. E: Solar Flare summons a flare of light down on a target area. R: Fires a bolt of light that hits the evil-doer and cleanses their soul if it kills the target.

Ross Buckley Scuba Diver Nidalee. Nid in goggles and a wetsuit that throws dive spears. Cat form retains goggles and scuba tank on back

XXXXX "Real Estate Olaf Donning a suit and very slick hair, his axe replaced by a Home Open Sign that stands up when thrown."

Milo Tapia: "Puppet Amumu his bandage toss is strings, his tears appear like drawn tears, tantrum is him lashing out with his strings, and his ultra gives anyone that's caught puppet strings and makes them dance. And his splash art is him crying at a picture of a real boy version of him and Shaco is the puppet master."

Aldo Chávez: "Snake Charmer Teemo with a flute and snake baskets instead of mushrooms."

Lari Vaurio Abomination Nunu. Yeti would look like an abomination made from several different limbs and body parts (imagine abominations in Warcraft 3 for example). Nunu (the little guy) would grow from his shoulder. Or maybe be stitched to him. Abilities: Consume and Blood Boil could look the same but Ice Blast could look like a limb or an bloody ball shot at the target. The Ult could "summon" some ghostly hands from the ground that slow the enemies and as the channel ends, explode. Just an idea :D

Vladimir Stukanov ‎"Ogre" Malphite... Not like a classic Ogre, but the character "Ogre" from "Revenge of the Nerds". This Malphite version sports a nice Varsity Letter Jacket (Pun intended) and when he uses his ultimate you can hear him yell "NEEEEEEERDS!!!!" It's a companion skin to Brolaf.

Martin Molin Bathtime Kennen - Dressed in a bathrobe, throws soaps. In his "lightning" rush he becomes a soap bubble! And lastly his ulti, a big eruption of bubbles just bubbling around him like a huge hot tub!

XXXXX: "Lawnmower Draven. He throws shears, and his Ultimate is a Lawnmower. "

Stephanie Stoner Sailor Moon Diana. (fun fact: Solari is an anagram for Sailor)
Fighting Solari by moonlight
Heresy by daylight
Never running from a team fight
She is the one chosen by the moon~♫

Göksel Özkale ‎"Super Jayce" - That's the Skin idea and together with Super Teemo he could fight for Justice!

Kostas Meller Oktoberest Gragas, carrying a huge beer stein and dressed in lederhosen XD. The best part is that on /j command he should start yodeling!

Caitlin Marie Rosera Puppet Master Yorick- Yorick is dressed in classy attire and spawns creepy wooden puppets. Broken puppet strings drag behind the puppet/ghouls leading people to believe that they're now acting on their own.

Jake Bamford Pentakill Katarina (turns her blades into drumsticks as the 5th and final member of the Pentakill band: the drummer). Also, an awesome drum solo plays while she is channeling her ult :P "Phat Beatz for Noxus!"

Don't get your feelings hurt or anything if your idea isn't listed above, I can only fit so many in to the post!! I read EVERY FRIGGIN' entry and loved them all! Thanks so much for everyone who entered and I'll definately try to do something like this in the future. It seems you guys are pretty into in-game items ;)


  1. "A Teemo with a beard who puts down fists that uppercut people when they step on them" ... You Sir, made my day! Thx!

  2. If only I had finished the sketchs for my Wukong skin concepts!

    1. It is a text based contest, sketchs won't make a difference.

  3. " Udyr Mitology " .
    Udyr really needs a great Skin for a Great Champ .
    Based in Mytology Gods like a " Dragon " for " Turtle stance ...
    or " White Bengal Tiger " For Tiger stance
    a Biggest " Byson " for Bear stance ... etc

  4. what a cool contest idea, i read a bunch of them and laughed pretty hard at a few. thanks!

  5. flaming phoenix anivia.flaming ball on Q,flaming wall on W,flaming thing on E,and a flaming circle on ult

    1. Her ult would look like Brand's spell.

    2. the reason anivia is made out ice in the first place is a play on the phoenix hence the rebirth, its also a cheap idea becauseriot tend to do this thing a fair bit anyway.

      hmm, we need an idea for a skin, any ideas??

      "oh err we could just make them all made out of fire and give them flaming particles"

      sources: molten rammus, wildfire zyra, scorched earth xerath, foxfire ahri, obsidian malphite, volcanic wukong, firefang warwick and charred maokai.

      You have the same on the flipside too: glacial olaf, tundra hunter warwick, frosted ezreal, freljord rammus, frozen terror nocturne, frost queen janna, frostfire annie, cryocore brand, tundra fizz, northern storm volibear, arctic ops kennen, frostblade irelia and glacial malphite

      im not saying all these skins are bad, just uninspired and unoriginal

    3. A lot of those skins were not made because of the winter, but because of the particles. For example, cryocore brand is from batman, tundra fizz was for the killer whale, northern storm volibear is from a book, arctic ops kennen was released alongside arctic ops caitlyn @ christmas for pc mag.

      tired of fire and ice skins but I want a fire skin for ashe and anivia.

  6. Left a comment on your FaceBook about Thunder Lord,Diana. :D

  7. If I don't have enough space on Twitter, can I send a continuation(you'd know since it would be another tweet from me)?

  8. Since I don't use twitter is Facebook okay?

    1. Nvm I'm blind didn't read whole thing

  9. Hope this contest wasn't PG, haha.

  10. ummm how about janitor Wukong who's staff is a mop? or Pentakill Katarina who uses drumsticks for daggers? or perhaps middle earth varus who basically is a spoof of legolas? or how about a skin for warwick and vladimere where they are just a buff shirtless tan dude and a sparkly pale white guy with spiky hair? call em "team Warwick and and Team Vladimere? I dunno just throwin stuff out there lol

    1. I just thought this would be fun, I already have arcade sona so if you think my ideas are awesome, don't give me the code as it will be a waste lol

    2. what about an incredibly vicious care bear version of volibear? or a Ronald McDonald colored shaco with a red afro? pimp-cane swain would also be nice, and when he transforms its a dove. and if he kills someone with super low health he says "bitch please" also he should have a perm lol

  11. HAHAHA please make that Swain skin Riot!!!

  12. How bout an arcade teemo, Mario style who plants gumbos and attack enemies with small fire circles. All with 8-bit sounds.

  13. Reverse Teemo... need I say more?

    1. That idea isn't original, its all over the forums -.-'

    2. Who says I read those forums?

    3. Doesn't make it any less unoriginal.

  14. When i try to send you my skin idea it says "your message cannot be sent", can someone help me out with this one :/ im a huge sona fan and i'd love to win one of those codes :D

  15. Alright, entered! :] It's a little difficult with the character limit on Twitter though, ahaha

  16. Does the code work on all regions or just NA?

  17. how about... "Piltover Rumble" or something...
    Rumble will using a helmet, like Formula 1 Helmet
    and his robot is remplaced by a customized car
    his right arms looks like an exhaust pipe
    left arm, like a monster truck wheel

    Q: Blue fire
    W: A Shield and new sounds like a car(for his increased speed, really similar to Blitz)
    E: A White Rockets with fire efects
    R: The same idea with the white rockets... i dont know.. something similar to a race car

  18. Jurassic anivia! Like a pterodactyl!

    Passive: dinosaur egg
    Q: throws a skull
    W: a wall of bones or spikes
    E: definitely a bone
    R: a circle with dinosaurs, like a window to the past.

    When she dies she crumble and turns into dust

    1. Darth Vader kassadin
      His sword turns into light saber while active

      KFC gragas
      His barrel is a KFC bucket and his ultimate has chicken wings in the splash.

      Halloween gragas
      He has a pumpkin instead of the barrel and his ultimate has bats and spiders

  19. small t-rex kog maw

  20. A Gangplank skin based on the Evil Zombie Pirate Le Chuck from monkey island 3. The green one with a flaming beard, he would eat a chicken leg instad of an orange. He is kind of influenced by lechuck already :D

  21. Rugby Gragas i posted this idea too as Grzegorz Sroka on FB

  22. What about an Constructer Anivia?
    Q:She unleashes a demolisher ball;
    W:She puts an wodden/stone wall;
    E:She shots a target with a nail;
    R:She makes a tempest of constructer tape saying do not cross.
    She haves a little constructer hat and she haves boots.
    P.S.: I want to offer the skin to a friend.

    1. By the way sry for bad english!!! :X

    2. Oh and i forgot the passive:
      Passive:She transforms in to an metal egg.

  23. A nice skin would be a humanoid type of male janna with wings with a W particle which will throw his feathers and the ulti will look like moving his wings way hard to push the enemies away.

    Hair will be not something usual as light but could be something more interesting like blue for example.

    And of course, the boots of the Olympian ancient god Hermes.
    His E should make a mark above the character like "the sun" that the ancient egyptian god Ra has.


    Pulsefire Rumble

    I think the tittle says it all abbout his skills and animations :)

    1. the name shown up there is not right... the correct is this one :o

  24. Ice Dragon Shyvana, that would be awesome, an ice dragon what else can you wish for?

  25. Little Miss Kog'Maw
    Because it would be rather embarrassing for Gentleman Cho'Gath to appear at a party without a worthy date. She would wear a beautiful Victorian dress with a matching parasol. She happens to have a bad habit of spitting shots of red wine at those who happen to insult her physical state (or even look at her funny), as she's very sensitive. Her passive rage causes her to take off her heels so she gains a slight movement speed boost before she explodes. It would be best to mind your manners around this little lady.

  26. moobeat alistar... alistar is a cow with a ghettoblaster... now "you CAN milk those"

  27. Reverse Teemo. Think about it.

  28. I FEEL LIKE AN ASS TRYING TO APPEASE YOU FOR A SKIN. But my best friend is the biggest Sona fan I know, they'd die if I gave them a Sona code.

  29. Pulsefire Mundo.

  30. Penguinception Rumble. It's Rumble dressed up as a penguin inside a big robot penguin. In the penguins belly area there would be a large curved pane of glass therefore you can see Rumble dressed up as a penguin controlling the robot penguin
    Q - Flamespitter - It would shoot snow
    W- Scrap Shield - He would slide on his belly for increased speed.
    E - Electro Harpoon- it would shoot penguins instead harpoons
    R - The Equalizer - It would make the floor ice as snow fell on the icy area.
    While in Danger Zone he turns blue making his icy arsenal stronger!

  31. Janitor Xin/Jax

    Q Jump to clean
    W Clean Faster
    E Swing mop around me
    R Clean myself up/scrub a dub dub

    Q Scrub a dub dub
    W Clean faster
    E Charge to clean
    R Swing mop to clean around me

  32. lulu as an christmas elf , i changed the colours from her pic so u can see how she can look like :

    1. ofc they will change her i just coloured her

    2. i mean u can see how her colours can look like

  33. Has the winner been chosen?

  34. Can we somehow know who is the winner?

  35. What about:
    Frost queen Sejuani? like ashe, they are rivals, ashe have a queen skin so, if they are rival sejuani should get one too.
    what about:
    Sexy/nurse cassiopeia, like vayne or akali skins

    OR maybe a maokai the tree of wishes ( really old tree with better colors and new leafs)

  36. Not to be mean, but Zombie Olaf was a pretty lame idea :/

    1. It was my decision and it was the skin idea I liked. GG Subjective contest. Sorry!

  37. Great idea for Katrina being the Drummer. But Pentakill Draven would be even cooler. He Bounces his sticks off peoples heads and catches them! Plus his current outfit wouldn't be too far of a stretch.