4PL All or Nothing

Posted on at 7:28 AM by Seranaya
4PL All or Nothing is going on today with a really great lineup of teams!
Want to know who's playing? Continue reading!

This is a single-elimination tournament with 8 teams. The quarter finals are best of 1 and the semi-finals and final are best of 3. Here is a list of the teams that are playing:
  • SK Gaming
  • FnaticRC.LoL
  • Curse.eu
  • Tt Dragons.LoL
  • Team WinFakt
  • Die Missgeburten
  • Better Nerf Nidalee
  • Team Eloblade
That's quite the lineup! Whoever takes home first place will also take home a prize of 1000 euros. First, second, and third place will be inducted into the 4PL Hall of Fame. The top four teams will qualify for the Invitational that 4PL will hold at a later date. Here's what these teams are looking like right now:

** Please excuse my lack of roles for the less known teams, I'm at school and having issues finding the proper information. I just wanted everyone to know where to find it specifically and who's playing in it. **
SK Gaming
  • Ocelote - AP Mid
  • YellOwStaR - AD Carry
  • Nyph - Support
  • Kev1n - Top
  • Araneae - Jungle
  • xPeke - AP Mid
  •  - AD Carry
  • nRated - Support
  • sOAZ - Top
  • CyanideFl - Jungle
  • extinkt - AP Mid
  • Sleper - AD Carry
  • xinec - Support
  • Angush - Top
  • Malunoo - Jungle
Tt Dragons
  • Nukeduck - AP Mid
  • SpiritOfMage - AD Carry
  • Brooklee - Support
  • YamatoCannon - Top
  • necaderp - Jungle
Team WinFakt
  • Goats
  • Steve
  • Cowtard
  • etnex
  • Xupix
Die Missgeburten
I'm not completely sure of this teams roster at the moment.
  • Osaft222
  • fredericooo
  • Magic Fingers
  • Theledin
  • TrailForce
  • eaZyWin
Better Nerf Nidalee
This is the correct roster, just without specific lanes labeled.
  • Brooklee
  • SpiritOfMage
  • AAndreass
  • XeIIos
  • kaluxxz
Team Eloblade
  • ForellenLord - AP Mid
  • Metalx - AD Carry
  • Leofromkorea - Support
  • Kerp - Top
  • Kottenx - Jungle
Here's the current bracket for the event:
You can find the stream right here. Be sure to tune in and check it out because it's sure to be a good battle.


  1. Last, I Love Anon. :D

  2. Its like "sorry m5, you can't participate. It's a championship for mortals".

  3. M5 doesn't take online tourneys seriously anyway. As much I love to see M5 pick ridiculous team comps, I think they are better off focusing on the world finals.

  4. are you suppose to switch between stream channels or something for the ones that are scheduled for the same time?

    1. I'm not sure but if its like most other tournaments they'll pick which match will get the most viewers and show that one.

  5. does anyone have a link of the stream ?

  6. my money and heart belong to eloblade(at least on eu w/o clgeu and m5)

  7. Excuse me for being a bit out of date here...but what happened to Shushei? Doesn't he play for Fnatic anymore?

    1. Nope, Shushei got kicked out 3/4 months ago, SoaZ is their new top. Lamia retired, I am not sure who is their new ad carry

    2. Oh...I really need to come out of hiding more frequently it seems :) cheers Mate for the info! Still, I have to ask: any idea why he got kicked out?

    3. I wasn't sure who their new AD Carry was either. I didn't find any info on it. I'll figure it out. lol

    4. They wanted a top player who's more fit with bruisers - Shushei is mainly AP player. He is currently the mid for IWantCookie.

      btw, Mellisan and Pheilox also left the team, so only xPeke and Cyanide are left from the S1's composition. :)

  8. the stream just went off-line for me.... wtf is going on?

  9. Endlich mal ein deutsches Team, und dann so ein Name (._.)

  10. What's up with SK? I don't see them on the bracket... Kiedys Mialem Team is in their place?