This weekend: MLG Raleigh, Campus Party Berlin!

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And so begins another big weekend in League of Legends tournaments! MLG Raleigh begins on Friday, August 24th. Campus Party Berlin begins on Wednesday, August 22nd. The first and most popular tournament is the MLG Summer Championships - Raleigh! This is a majorly star-studded event.
MLG Summer Championship begins this weekend!
Also starting this weekend is the Campus Party Berlin tournament which has quite a few well known teams as well. Continue reading to find out who's playing, where they're playing and what they're playing to win!
MLG Summer Championship - Raleigh
This tournament consists of eight invited teams and four qualified teams. Since this tournament has twelve teams, it is organized into two double elimination brackets played as best of 3's. Each bracket will play itself out, and then the winners from both brackets will play each other in the grand finals match! The grand final is the only match up that will be played as a best of 5. If two teams play each other in more than one BO3, they second match up will be played as an extended series. The extended series is a best of 7. 
These teams will be playing for the grand prize of $40,000!
  • Team SoloMid Evo
  • Dignitas
  • Team Dynamic
  • 4Nothing
  • Orbit Gaming
  • Team Curse
  • mTw.NA
  • TBD
  • Team Legion
  • unRestricted eSports
  • CLG Black
  • Meat Playground
Originally, Team SoloMid and CLG Prime were invited to attend but they decided against it in hopes for better preparation for the Season 2 Regional Finals North America - PAX Prime next weekend! However, both teams will still be represented by their counter parts - TSM.Evo and CLG Black.

"TSM will not be attending MLG Raleigh"
-Solomid's twitter
Here is a link of TSM's Xpecial explaining why they will not be attending MLG - Raleigh.

"yes CLG will not be attending MLG Raleigh"
-CLG's twitter
Games begin at 5:30pm EST. I'll keep you updated on specific match ups and timing when they're posted closer to the event.

Campus Party Berlin
This tournament, which begins on Wednesday, is a European tournament! Just in case you didn't get enough of the European teams last weekend during the Season 2 qualifiers at Cologne, Germany, they've got you covered. This tournament has seven invited teams and only one qualified team. It is conducted using two brackets of four teams. The top two of each bracket will move on to the semi finals. This is only a single elimination tournament with all games except the finals being a best of 3. The finals will be a best of 5.
These teams will be playing for a grand prize of $10,000!
  • Fnatic
  • SK Gaming
  • Team Curse EU
  • Mousesports
  • Meet Your Makers
  • Tt Dragons
  • Eclypsia.Luna
Again, I'll keep you updated on times and brackets once they're out. So get ready for another great weekend in the life of a League of Legends eSports watcher!

Remember: As we get closer to the Season 2 Championships it can only get better and more intense! Here we go!


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    1. What about them exactly? They'll be a part of the Campus Party Berlin on the weekend.

  2. Wait... is CBP finals a Bo3 or Bo5?

    1. The finals match up will be Bo5

    2. i was confused as well Serenaya
      it says all the matches are single elimination except the final, which is a Bo3, the right away it says Bo5...

    3. Single elimination stands for the tournament not having a "losers bracket". This means that once a team plays another team in a best of 3 and loses, they're out. No chance of coming back in the losers bracket. In other words, in a double elimination bracket you must be eliminated twice. In a single elimination bracket you are only eliminated once.

      So this means each match is a best of 3, and whichever team loses it out of the tournament. The final match is a best of 5.

      Does that make sense now?

  3. Wait wait... why is there a jumping teemo near the logo ?

    1. Because Teemu is da best.

      No its Moobeat's favourite champion and he's cute and fluffy and cuddly.

    2. were you talking about Teemo or Moonbeat..............trollface


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      This is all I have right now, if I find something you can watch on and not sign up for, I'll post it.

  6. I really hope season 2 finals isn't a double elimination, its so anti climatic. You get to the finals where it should be the most climatic of the event...but wait, one team has twice the odds to win...I hate it.