Sona & Morgana Vinyl Sticker Giveaway! ( CLOSED )

Posted on at 10:34 AM by Moobeat
 ( This giveaway is OVER. Winners will be/have been notified. Thanks for entering!! )

I have two more League of Legends themed vinyl stickers to giveaway! This time I have both Sona and Blade Mistress Morgana.
As you may recall from the recent Kog'Maw sticker giveaway, these vinyl decals come to us from the fine gentlemen over at Ducals. Their stickers come in many different designs, colors and sizes, and fit snugly on  glass, cars, laptops, cell phones, or any plastic surface. You can check them out on Facebook or visit their Etsy shop to peruse their wide selection of LoL designs and more.

I have one of each and here is how you can snag one for yourself:

You can enter both contests but you may only win one. I'll close entries around 9 p.m EST on Monday, August 27th. Winners will be notified shortly there after. Good luck!


  1. I dont have a twitter! I'm throwing my hat in the ring for the Morg stick here.

    1. The point is to get some (well-deserved) publicity/advertising for S@20, so I don't think posting here exactly qualifies you for an entry...

  2. how will they be notified? By Face book or twitter or ?