Solomid Invitational #7 Saturday!

Posted on at 3:57 AM by Seranaya
Hey Surrender@20!

This weekend is crazy busy with tournaments, in case you haven't noticed. The 7th Solomid Invitational tournament which boasts a roster of well known teams. It is a double elimination tournament  hosted by our very own Team SoloMid!

Also be sure to check out this post for updates on the Gamescom regional finals in Cologne, Germany.

Team SoloMid has been hosting weekly invitationals with an investment of $100,000! With so many talented and popular teams involved, it's sure to be a great tournament with some fantastic match-ups!
The tournament is going to feature these 8 teams:
  • Team SoloMid
  • Team MRN
  • Orbit Gaming
  • Team Legion
  • Team Curse
  • unRestricted eSports
  • mTw.NA
  • 4NOT
Quite the line-up!

The tournament starts on Saturday, August 18th at 2:00pm EST. These are the current match-ups:

2:00 PM EST              TSM vs Team MRN - This game will be streamed.
Orbit Gaming vs Team Legion            
Team Curse vs unRestricted eSports
mTw.NA vs TBD

4:30 PM EST
Winners round 2 -
This game will be streamed.

Loser Bracket Round 1
7:00 PM EST
Winners round 3 -
This game will be streamed.

Loser Bracket Round 2 Upper

9:30 PM EST

Loser Bracket Round 2 Lower
- This game will be streamed...Obviously.

Day 2 on August 19th schedule is as follows:

1:00 PM ESTLoser Bracket Round 3

3:30 PM ESTWinner Bracket Finals

6:00 PM EST       Loser Bracket Finals

8:30 PM ESTGrand Finals

This is bound to be a fantastic showing considering the teams involved. So be sure to tune in at TSM's website for the stream! I will keep everything as updated as possible, but Moobeat and I are also involved in a tournament this weekend at Gaming Utopia! Wish us luck! Here the stream for our tournament!
Moobeat/Seranaya Tournament Stream


  1. Good luck on that tournament! Go whoop some asses ^_^

  2. excuse my naivety but what team are u going to be playing for? I'd love to watch atleast those matches.

    Best of Luck.

    1. We're not a pro team by any standards. In fact I'm not sure wer even have a name for this tournament. It's just a small local one that probably won't even be streamed.

    2. awwww cruds...well best of luck anyway

  3. It's been interesting thus far. But, TSM seems to be having problems both days.