Sight / Vision Ward Keychain Giveaway! ( CLOSED )

Posted on at 2:53 PM by Moobeat
 ( CONTEST IS OVER!  Winners will be notified shortly! Thanks for participating! )

Upset that there isn't a lot of news coming out? Don't worry! I have a giveaway to make up for it. This giveaway features both a Vision Ward keychain and a Sight Ward  keychain!
Blurry phone pictures are awesome!
These fabulous keychains come to us from Sam De Jesus!
You may have noticed the banner for Sam De Jesus over there on the sidebar. If you give it a click, you'll be directed to his deviantart page, where he showcases all of his awesome League of Legends creations, such as keychains, toys, commissioned figurines, and more. I'll definitely have more of his work to give away in the near future, so make sure you stop by his Facebook page or his DA and tell him how awesome you think he is! In the event you just want to purchase one of his products, check out his online shop.

So, back to the giveaway!
I'll stop accepting entries tomorrow, 8-21, around 9 PM PST and pick a winner! Good luck everyone!


  1. epic keychain is epic

  2. Nice :D

    What about the Teemo hat winners? D:

    1. I'm still looking through all the entries and putting people in a list to pick one. :D I'm a busybeat.

  3. So, just to know. Any limitations on delivery country? Or winner has to go pick-up it?
    Tyvm for your time :)

  4. Blurry phone pictures are trendy. :D

  5. Done but i need the Pillow more:D

  6. Someone forgot to AA the sight ward. :/

  7. Epic Wards, need to buy oracles asap :P

  8. When u will reveal the winner of the pillow? :( iam so exited