PC Games MOBA Interview with Morello

Posted on at 6:24 PM by Moobeat

PC Games MOBA, a German gaming magazine, recently conducted an interview with Ryan "Morello" Scott where he mentioned some interesting tidbits about League of Legends; a new champion with "gravity influencing abilities", Dark Sovereign, and much more.
While the original article is in German, here is a brief summary thanks to redditor DarkX2:
  1. At Gamescom players will be able to play a new champion with "gravity influencing" abilities
  2. A champion named Dark Sovereign is mentioned, that explores new gaming mechanics
  3. He is very pleased that at tournaments about 70% of all champions are constantly picked/banned
  4. Regarding Pulsefire Ezrael - if players like it, we will see more of it. They are checking numbers
  5. They are investigating implementing a system to reward good behavior similar to DOTA2
  6. About season 3: He mentions the pro-league with player salaries, hd stream
As Gamescom 2012 runs August 15th through the 19th, looks like we'll have to wait a few days for this fancy new Gravity based champion, who, assuming Rengar was a genuine leak, doesn't sound like someone who would don a bonetooth necklace.

Also, the mere mention of Dark Sovereign, who we first saw hidden away in the 6-8 PBE, has me teeming with excitement. There are a lot of fan  theories spawned purely from the name and the void type spells that accompanied the original leak - Kog'Maw's Daddy, Kassadin's Daughter, etc. What are your ideas for the mysterious void champion who explores new game mechanics?


  1. Stealth Remake was released; - Nothing Morello would ever say can't be as interesting;-

  2. very long time ago , HoN or the crap copypaster of warcraft 3 engine and claim they r better than LoL and DotA2 games ,COPY a champion n heroes and they name it Kinetik - with some shitty abilities , the appearance look so damn similar to Ryze(LoL`s Champion) and abilities that similar to Rubick(DotA,DotA2 heroes) with more shitty related.They also claimed that they invent the vector targeting in MOBA(fk ! they r not).

    Now RioT show them how to really fk with GRAVITY TYPE heroes/champions! with more vector targeting!

    fk noob HoN(shitties game ever created n played)

    1. WoW... You seriously need some help. And I don't mean just someone for spellchecking. It's just a game - That goes for both. And it's normal to 'adapt' from popular games these days - Since there's no patent going on all can do that.
      That fact aside, did you know all LoL champs have a reference skillwise or playstylewise? Just try to look up Xyph's posts about the creation of Orianna i.e. ^^
      I'm sorry to burst your bubble there buddy, but 'lending' ideas is common nowadays.

  3. Dark Sovereign sounds llike we are finally getting someone with influence from the voild. Hope its some super awsome mage thats come over to show the true power of the void. kog and cho are cool but nothing more then scouts and maz is a messenger. cant wait so much potential with gravity.

    1. Imagine if one of his abilities sent people back to the fountain. His ult could do that. It would be fricken op!!

    2. And then came... A Yordle! :D

      DarkSovereign is only the workingname anyway. I mean it lierally says dark emperor. You can almost name Veigar like that ;p

      Just saying - Not going to think that much about it till he/it comes out soon TM. For now I enjoy my games with Diana <3

    3. All champs can send people back to the fountain... its called dying bro.

  4. that gravitiy thingy sounds like a "true" null zone ;) maybe someone related to malz or so =)

  5. king of the void or prince of the void would be cool...sovereign does mean king or ruler

    sov·er·eign   [sov-rin, sov-er-in, suhv-] Show IPA
    a monarch; a king, queen, or other supreme ruler.
    a person who has sovereign power or authority

    although if they bring out the king of the void it kind of limits what they can do for future void champions as who could be as cool as the king of the void?

    I am thinking maybe a prince of darkness type thing