NA Regionals at PAX Prime Day 2 Recap!!

Posted on at 7:27 PM by Seranaya
Day 2 is finished and we now have our complete semi-final lineup! Another two teams have been removed from the standings leaving only our top 4.
Dignitas and CLG have moved onto the semi-finals with victories today!
Team Dynamic vs Dignitas
The first match, played today at 11:00am PDT was between Dignitas and Team Dynamic!
Game 1
            Dignitas         vs          Team Dynamic
Karthus       AP Mid         Morgana
Kog'Maw    AD Carry     Corki
Sona         Support        Nunu
Rumble          Top         Nidalee
Skarner      Jungle      Olaf
Game 2
          Dignitas              vs            Team Dynamic
Ryze            AP Mid        Gragas
Kog'Maw    AD Carry       Graves
Nunu           Support        Blitzcrank
Jax               Top             Irelia
Udyr             Jungle         Olaf
Here is the VOD for these games:

CLG vs Legion
The second match of the day, played at 2:00pm PDT was between CLG and Team Legion! 
Game 1
CLG                  vs              Legion
Gragas          AP Mid              Zyra
Sivir            AD Carry           Corki
Sona             Support           Soraka
Olaf                  Top             Vladimir
Dr. Mundo      Jungle           Maokai
Game 2
CLG                   vs               Legion
Twisted Fate    AP Mid           Gragas
Sivir             AD Carry           Corki
Janna              Support         Blitzcrank
Olaf                  Top              Rumble
Dr. Mundo       Jungle           Malphite

Game 3
CLG                  vs              Legion
Orianna          AP Mid            Gragas
Graves          AD Carry          Corki
Taric             Support           Leona
Vladimir            Top                 Irelia
Cho'Gath         Jungle           Maokai
Here is the VOD for these games:

Tomorrow we begin the exciting semi-final round! Here is your current bracket:
The numbers on the left are the seed numbers. Numbers on the right are the game scores.

The stream is still located here, so be sure to tune in! The matches are as follows:
Team SoloMid vs Team Curse at 11:00am PDT.
Dignitas vs CLG at 2:00pm PDT.


  1. What Graves skin was zig using in Game 2 of Team Dynamic vs. Dignitas? It didn't look like anyone I've seen.

  2. I think it's the Jailbreak Graves skin. I think. Not sure it's hard to tell.

  3. who else wants to see TSM take home the win?

    1. i wanna like this commment, add that feature :)

    2. I want CLG to win!
      Even though this isn't, CLG all the way!

  4. I expect to see Dignitas and TSM in the finals

  5. I don't think CLG is going to win, but that new strategy was sick!

  6. Where can I find that amazing cinematic of the champions in battle that was shown in little clips in the opening of the video?

  7. CLG / Curse final.... gonna be beautiful.


  9. WUTF o.o Rocketeer tristana?

  10. CLG... Idk if I'd say they're going to win, Dignitas and TSM are both strong, and on a good day Curse is very, very formidable too. That being said though, because they're using unique strategies, it evens the playing field a lot... We'll also have to see if TSM learned at all from their series against Azubu Blaze or not

  11. Curse should have won the series in 2 games against TSM. Bad luck and a bad call in the first game ruined it for them. Third game was over at Champion Select, as soon as TSM got Nunu it was over, and losing Morg on Jacky was the final straw to blow the game

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