MLG Raleigh Day 2 & Campus Party Berlin grand finals!

Posted on at 6:43 PM by Seranaya
Day two of MLG Raleigh and the final day of Campus Party Berlin have come to a close. We are left with our MLG final four and our CPB winners!! We will start with CPB and then continue on to MLG Raleigh day 2.

Continue reading to see what happened, who won, and what's up next!
Campus Party Berlin
Campus Party Berlin ended today with our grand prize winners: Fnatic!!! 2-0
Fantic playing fantastically this weekend going 11 wins and 0 losses all tournament, just like they wanted!
"Winners of campus party berlin !! 0 maps lost :P" - xPeke on Twitter
 This leaves Fnatic a whopping $10,000 richer, a tournament win under their belts. I applaud Fnatic and their great play all tournament and wish them congratulations on their win!

MLG Raleigh
Loser's Brackets
Day 2 of MLG Raleigh ended with our top four teams and a few surprises in store! The day began with loser brackets games:

  • Legion vs 4Nothing (2-0)
  • CLG Black vs Meat Playground (2-0)
  • Orbit Gaming vs Mono.Imperium (2-0)
  • TSM Evo vs unRestricted eSports. (2-0)
It seems the first team listed in the match up had the advantage today! An entire line-up of 2-0 games made for a bit of a one-sided beginning to the day. These matches resulted in the following loser brackets matches:
  • Team Legion vs CLG Black (0-2)
  • Orbit Gaming vs TSM Evo (2-0)
We continued the day with the previous tournament winners, Legion, getting kicked out by CLG Black and TSM Evo being booted by Orbit Gaming. These however, were still 2-0 games! Will there ever be someone to challenge the quick wins?! Maybe if we head over to the winner bracket we may find something:

Winner's Bracket
  • Team Dignitas vs Team Dynamic (2-1)
  • Mono.Ferus vs Team Curse (0-2)
Finally! After a really great couple of games that were not a 2-0 Dignitas reigned supreme over Dynamic. This officially puts Dignitas and Curse into the final four! This also means that Dynamic and Mono.Ferus are moved into the loser bracket. Hope isn't gone yet though because they still had another chance at glory!

Loser's Bracket
  • Team Dynamic vs CLG Black (2-0)
  • Mono.Ferus vs Orbit Gaming (0-2)
Alas, CLG Black and Mono.Ferus' rides are over for the MLG Raleigh first place prize of $20,000.

Here are your final four for MLG Raleigh 2012!!!
  • Team Dignitas
  • Team Dynamic
  • Team Curse
  • Orbit Gaming
With Dignitas and Curse coming from the winner's circles, and Dynamic and Orbit Gaming coming from the loser's brackets, this is bound to be a fierce and great competition! On another note, if you are a Chrome web browser user (like me), the MLG website stream has been laggy and freezing. Extremely annoying, I know. I've been watching the tournament through Own3d. If you would rather continue to watch it on the MLG website, try another browser like Firefox, and watch the stream HERE.

Now, here is the schedule for tomorrow:
Red Stream          Semi Final 1          10:00am EST
Blue Stream          Semi Final 2          10:00am EST

Red and Blue Streams          FINALS          3:30pm EST

Make sure you tune in to watch, it's going to be fantastic! I'll be back tomorrow with my final update on this years MLG Raleigh Summer Championship!


  1. Any chance you can put up which champions were played the matches? I really like to watch the matches where my fav champions get played :D

  2. I don't want to clutter the page too much, BUT I can still deliver!!

    There you go, every game from MLG with picks and bans for each game!

  3. "This leaves Fnatic a whopping $10,000 richer, a tournament win under their belts and I assume much more confidence going into the Season 2 championships on October 13th, 2012. I applaud Fnatic and their great play all tournament and wish them congratulations on their win!"

    Fnatic are not in the Season 2 championship. They did not qualify.

    1. Oops. Thanks for pointing that out.

    2. I guess they need some compensation for dropping out from Season finals, they won season 1 and now they didn't even make it to finals, that must suck really hard for them.

    3. Yeah that would be a bit of a blow to the gaming-esteem I imagine.